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  • Member: Vialana
  • Title: Wake to the Dark
  • Premiered: 2011-02-13
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    • Blue Stone Open Your Eyes
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  • Comments: I haven't posted a vid here for ages. I think I have, however, improved a bit now that I have more practice with Vegas. This AMV is probably one of my best yet, both in terms of editing and story. It wasn't the story I had originally planned (a Riku/Sora boyxboy/yaoi fun action thing) but I think it turned out much better than my first outline.

    Tech details: Sony Vegas 9, some post-production in VDubMod; X-viD/mp3 encode; song is an edited/shortened version of the original

    Quick note: The video footage isn't the greatest; any more post-production would have rendered the vid near-unwatchable, so please forgive some of the noise/blurring. Top quality video for any Kingdom Hearts game is hard to get, as many vidders probably realise.

    Warnings: Riku-centric; some dark themes/ideas presented; kinda angsty

    Riku has always been curious about the unknown. The dark is seductive and powerful and Riku has little resistance to its lure. Given the opportunity to look into the abyss, he barely glances before he leaps. The beings existing within the dark sense his pure, unwary nature and gain a powerful hold over him and Riku loses all reservations about his decision, not realising he becomes lost and trapped as he submurges himself deeper in the darkness.

    Sora has never stopped worrying about Riku and searches for a way to bring him back, gaining his own power which Riku both envies and fears. Yet, deep inside, the part of him that knows he is trapped in the darkness reaches out for Sora's light, hoping he can break free.

    But, in doing so, Riku risks trapping Sora in the darkness with him.

    Hope everyone enjoys the vid.

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