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  • Member: ibabrak
  • Title: Quietude
  • Premiered: 2011-01-30
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    • The Devil Wears Prada Louder Than Thunder
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  • Comments: Hi everyone.

    In this video, I wanted to try two things. The first thing was that I wanted to try masking for the first time (everybody has to start someday, right). And the second one was to make amv with slow music and action-drama atmosphere.

    The song "Louder Than Thunder" goes very well with the anime, where the main character wishes for peace and quiet but instead of that he gets loud and messed up world. That is one of the reasons I used it for this project.

    If you didn't come here from youtube you can support my youtube channel

    PS: For some reason the video has really bad quality in the preview player, but when you download it here, or check it out on youtube the quality's fine.

    Here are the lyrics for the part of the song I used

    What would it take
    For things to be quiet
    Quiet like the snow
    I know, this isn't much
    But I know I could, I could be better

    I don't think I deserve it, Selflessness
    Find your way into my heart
    All stars could be brighter
    All hearts could be warmer

    What would it take take
    For thing to be quiet.

    Thanks for watching

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