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  • Member: OmniStrata
  • Studio: Omni Strata Studios
  • Title: Together - Soothing Symphonic
  • Premiered: 2003-07-07
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    • Aki Maeda Daijoubu (Alright)
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  • Comments: OK, I know it's been a while, but bear with me with school and Ragnarok Online chomping into my time, I finally finish my first "true" Dramatic Romance video...

    Though I'm sure some of you people don't believe me :p
    This video is a first for me on many levels:
    My first video to use text extensively
    First video to have a "con" version [the opening credits to myself will be replaced with poetry]
    First video in Japanese music
    First video to have 4 "mini amvs"
    First NON DANCE song type
    First "out of order" amv [should have been last, but I'm a hasty mofo]
    First video where I TRIED to NOT place timeline markers [and just go from left to right]
    First video to run out of footage [don't let that fool you, my original plan was simply changed lol]
    First video with NO opening/ending bumpers
    and lastly
    First video with a stupidly long special effects set name... XD

    Time: again, don't ask, you can tell by watching the damn thing
    Theme: An odd type of drama video.

    Being an Onegai Teacher (Please Teacher here in USA) fan, I only made 1 Please Teacher video: "Fire of Man's Desire". I also figured that making a new drama driven series that's the polar opposite of "Feel the Rhythm" might be a great way to experience EVERYTHING that making amvs can offer! First out of control dance and fun fun vids, now dramatic emotion instilling vids.

    I did fail at one point however, both series WILL UTILIZE weirdly named special fx sets... 0_0

    Anyways, "Together" was supposed to be the last of the "Soothing Symphonic" series, but I got too hasty and said, forget that, I want to LEARN how to make awesome drama amvs ASAP! Knowing that I'd probably fall flat on my face... ^_^

    I fell and ow I'm still bruised.

    This video covers EVERYTHING that Mizuho and Kei Kusanagi went through in the Please Teacher anime in chronological order. The ending manages to "scrunch" the last four eps, 9-12 very conveniently. Yes, there are BIG spoilers and yes there's some fanservice involved. But let's see it from an objective standpoint, what better way to show you love someone than making love to them? [cough*]

    The song itself is in Japanese so I didn't care/worry too much about the lyrics and instead followed the rhythm of the music and especially the sound of the instruments, which leads to...

    Special FX Set: Optic Resonance Symphony ^_^
    The makers of Premiere will curse my name! LOL
    This special effect(s) is my most suicidal attempt at using every single freakin' beat of the song, without compromising visible quality (there's up to 5 instruments playing at once, had I done something for each, you probably couldn't see wtf was going on...) So due to the limits of the human eye, this effect may be considered lacking. Nearly every single instrument and sound is visually seen in the video. 0_0 If you hear the "ching" of a bell, you should see it too. This special effect is my attempt to translate sound in harmony with video... ^_^ It even has a "sister effect" named, "Sonic Visual Harmony" (yes, I've jumped off the deep end and there's no water to break my fall...)

    Yay... ;_;

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