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  • Member: Evenstarr
  • Studio: Fidelity Studios
  • Title: Ashes and Wine
  • Premiered: 2011-01-19
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    • A fine frenzy Ashes and Wine
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    The amv revolves around 3 characters from the anime Kuragehime and their love triangle situation. I didn't portray the complete story present in the anime regarding their pseudo-love-triangule and I gave it my own bittersweet twist (since Kuragehime is first of all a comedy), but I'll give you some insight on what you might need to know: Kurashita Tsukimi is a young (jellyfish otaku) woman who, upon meeting Kuranosuke's brother, Shuu Koibuchi, a couple times, falls in love (or just a crush, either way). Kuranosuke is a young male that enjoys cross-dressing and, despite this hobby of his, appears to develop romantic feelings towards his friend Tsukimi. At first Kuranosuke doesn't seem to fully understand this but finds himself constantly thinking about Tsukimi and her moments with him and his brother Shuu.
    Shuu also seems to care deeply about Tsukimi (lets drop the fact that he thinks the girl in glasses and braids isn't Tsukimi, since, for him, Tsukimi is a pretty, petit and all dolled up girl that just appears once in a while). However, Inari Shouko, a landmark developer who plans to turn the Amamizukan (that's the place where Tsukimi and the rest of her otaku friends live) into a hotel, manipulates and blackmails Shuu, making him believe they had sex. Being Shuu a virgin (LOL yes.) he just honestly freaks out. So now Inari has him wrapped around her finger, and that's where the amv takes off. Tsukimi believes that Shuu likes this woman when watching them together and is devastated since she deeply cared for the man. But Shuu still likes Tsukimi (and you can see that in the memory at 40-45 secs).
    The story is told making use of Tsukimi's and Kuranosuke's points-of-view, feelings and memories for the most part. How will the story end though?

    I'm aware it has some flaws, specially in the ending sequence, but I'm pleased with the overall result. It was quite amusing to make Kuragehime look so sentimental and kind of depressing since it is a comedy and I'd do it all over again! (Hopefully I'd do it better ahah). Even so, I hope you enjoy :)

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