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  • Member: Miracle_Falcon
  • Title: Letting Go
  • Premiered: 2011-01-12
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    • Linkin Park Iridescent
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  • Comments: First off: PLEASE alert me if there are playback issues. This video works for me on most anything with the CCCP codec pack, but I also hear that it plays well in quicktime. Please tell me if you have any trouble viewing this video.

    So, with another year, another AMV. That's the rate I seem to be going at - hopefully I'll make another AMV this Summer, though. Anyway, I've finally got an upgrade system - a computer with a video card that actually plays things properly in adobe premiere, and somewhere along the line, I learned you can actually render the files in the program to watch more smoothly.

    Who knew?

    So, this represents a very different type of AMV from the one I did last year. It's surprising to me that I'm still trying very different things year after year, but I suppose that's neither here nor there. The facts of this AMV are simple, and I'll get the worst of them out there now: it's a Linkin Park AMV. Yes, I know; forgive me, Org, for I have sinned. Well, it's nothing new, I've made a Linkin Park AMV before, but this strikes me as different. The song itself is very different for Linkin Park; they generally seemed to embrace the worst of human nature in their music before, which is not a bad thing, but if you do it over and over again, it can become old fast; it certainly did to many people here. This song advocates letting go of such feelings, and as such, I feel it can almost be an answer to the many other linkin park songs and AMVs out there already.

    So why the anime? If you have any familiarity with Angel Beats, the answer should be blatant. If not, I suppose it's worth mentioning that this show is about teenagers in a sort of purgatory; an afterlife they can move on from after finding fulfillment and "letting go" of their previous inhibitions and regrets. I just took that theme and built on it, slowly introducing more characters, trying to put forth a similarity between all of them that can be said of, I believe, all mankind: we all have our issues, but we can all move past them to go forward.

    This opinion changes based on my mood, but I'm gonna stick with this.

    So, rather than tell you of the challenges I had while making this video, or of the deadline for submitting it to Katsucon this year, or of any other factors... why don't you just watch the video? I truly believe this to be some of my finest editing yet, and I hope you'll be pleased with it. While I'm still a ways away from doing matte effects and what not, I do have to say: I've gotten pretty good at this.

    So go on. Give it a whirl. And if it does something for you, lemme know; see if I can do more of that in the future.

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