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  • Members (8): Rider4Z, *inverse*, Alkatraz, Hagaren Viper, Inaaca, Kazemon15, Ryvannis, Stryyder
  • Studio: Otaku Lounge Productions
  • Title: TheBridgEffecT
  • Premiered: 2011-01-25
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  • Songs:
    • Nightwish 10th Man Down
    • Nightwish 7 days to the wolves
    • Nightwish Amaranth
    • Nightwish Beauty of the Beast
    • Nightwish Bless the Child
    • Nightwish Dark Chest of Wonders
    • Nightwish Deep Silent Complete
    • Nightwish End of all hope
    • Nightwish Nemo
    • Nightwish Over The Hills And Far Away
    • Nightwish Planet Hell
    • Nightwish Sleeping Sun
    • Nightwish The Escapist
    • Nightwish The Islander
    • Nightwish The Kinslayer
    • Nightwish The Last of the Wilds
    • Nightwish The Poet And The Pendulum
    • Nightwish Walking In The Air
    • Nightwish Wishmaster
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  • Comments: Sneak peek seen at Anime Expo 2010, Youmacon 2010. and AnimeUSA 2010 Best Action
    Sakuracon 2011 Finalist - Action

    I remember the very first time i heard Nightwish. It was my very first convention and very first amv contest (viewing, not participating). It was AX 2004, and the last video in the action category was Lost Hope by Alkatraz. The song was End of All Hope to the End of Eva....

    ....and that's where it all started.

    Nightwish has been my favorite band for a number of years now and i have more of their cds and music than i've ever owned of ANY musical artist. I also have 3 amvs besides this one to Nightwish as well.

    Well as far as multi-editor projects go, i've never been very big on them. granted i've partaken in a couple this past year, but overall they've never really caught my interest and therefore i have not seen many at all. When i first decided to make my own medley out of (most of) my favorite songs i thought it'd be wicked cool to make an entire amv out of it...... and then it ended being almost 20 minutes long X-] So my immediate thought was to get some help, but i didn't want to just put up a thread on the MEP forum and get random people i didn't know auditioning for parts.....

    ....So each member of this project was hand chosen by me specifically because i know their work, i know them in person, and i know i could trust them to be efficient and listen to any and all direction i had to give. (i did have a couple others i offered but they either withdrew or declined.)

    It is my desire that you do not find in this a cliche MEP. now granted i've only seen maybe one or two others so my hopes of originality may be slapped back in my face. But my direction or intention was to make this multi-editor project appear to come across as one entire video. Meaning i aimed for building rises and falls like you would see in any typical length video, in effect making the project more interesting and not seem so long. also i made each transition as seamless as possible, therefore bridging the gap from one anime and song to the next. I spent a long time developing the medley, and with the brilliant help of my members EVEN LONGER on the video.

    Something else to realize, i don't know if this has been done before, you may notice a few familiar tracks. Many songs in this video i originally heard from other amvs. and when i developed the project in my head i could not see any other videos in place of them. "Lost Soul" by *inverse* is one of them. it's one of the original epic FMA amvs that's a brilliant character profile of Alphonse to Nemo.

    Finished AMVs Featured
    Lost Soul by *inverse*
    Heart of an Angel by Ryvannis
    Lost Hope by Alkatraz
    Fight for Life by Rider4Z (RiderG)
    Ice and Snow by Kazemon15

    So after almost 2 years this project is finally complete. And i have to thank each of my poor editors for their astounding patience in my pickyness that resulted in several remakes and redos. but more importantly i thank them for their incredible talent and creativity. without them this project (may have eventually happened but it) wouldn't nearly be as interesting or impacting.

    So here is your promised 20 minutes of NIGHTWISH. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show ;)

    Bless the Child:
    When I first heard this song, I instantly thought of Tsubasa. At first, I wanted to use both the TV series and the new OVA DVDs I had recently purchased, but decided to use strictly the OVAs since the animation was amazing. I am glad that it turned out as well as it did.

    The Poet and the Pendulum:
    This was the first track I edited. At the time, I was obsessed with my new favorite anime and had the urge to edit with my new R2 DVDs. I really liked the beginning of the track and the lyrics fit a few characters well, so I winged it. In the end, I am pleased how it turned out.

    Sleeping Sun:
    I wouldnt have finished this track if it wasnt for Hagaren Viper. Originally I was going to do the entire thing, but some family emergency came up and I was unable to find the time to edit the entire thing. Lucky for me, when I asked Hagaren Viper to help me edit the track, he agreed and he did his part better than I had thought out the entire track. Thanks, Hagaren!

    Ice and Snow:
    I was really happy when Rider asked me to put my Ice and Snow AMV into the MEP. That AMV is still one of my favs even though some of the editing is not as good as any of my projects today. I tried to add more stuff to it from my original AMV, so I hope it turned out good. I really liked Rider's concept of taking all the other clips of the MEP and putting them in the instrumental in the end. It gives a nice impacting end. ^^ Good job, Rider, and good job, everyone else in this mep!

    7 Days to the Wolves:
    This MEP is filled with many different well known anime...and then we have this track with a series that nobody has ever heard of. The beginning of this track went through many, many changes, but it was all for the best and I'm very satisfied with the outcome. I hope this track might get you interested in this obscure little anime, it's one I enjoy very much.

    When I sent Rider the final for this track, it ended up being the beginning of the segment of this project that was sent to Anime Expo's AMV Contest in 2010. Rider told me "If this makes the finals the audience is gonna erupt!". Not only did they cheer for my track, but they cheered for each following track as well. That blew my mind, and made me really glad to be part of the project.

    Thanks for letting me steal this track from ya, Rider.

    Sleeping Sun:
    I was supposed to be helping Kazemon15, but she ended up helping me find a lot of scenes since it's been so long since I watched Wolf's Rain. The two separate parts really became one, and it's hard to tell where one begins and the other ends. I'd say that our first collab was quite the success!
    -Hagaren Viper

    The Kinslayer:
    This one took a lot of thought and went through the most revisions out of any of my other tracks. My initial plan didn't even involve Steamboy, and was using Now and Then Here and There instead. After creating the first couple beta versions it was decided that Now and Then Here and There just didn't have nearly enough punch for the tone of the track. So after going back to the drawing board I found that Steamboy also served as a good fit for the track's theme, while offering a lot more action to work with. Even then, this segment went through countless revisions trying to get more and MORE intensity out of it to really give it the most punch that it could. All in all, I think it turned out well in the end. :)

    Deep Silent Complete:
    This track instantly made me think of space flight, so naturally a gravitated to Outlaw Star, one of my favorite space animes. A nice, simple, short and sweet segment. Nothing like freely rocketing through space at lightspeeds, eh?

    The Islander:
    This track was great, as it gave me a chance to really slow down and make a nice easygoing segment compared to all the others. The specific nature of the lyrics made it difficult to find a fitting source for it, but I managed fit Mushi-Shi in there nicely. I felt Ginko was a great character to represent this segment, and Mushi-Shi as a whole is simply a beautiful series to work with. The only requirement was that it had to end on a dark and gloomy tone in order to transition into the next segment, so I did my best to ease it into that mood nice and gradually.

    Beauty of the Beast:
    Also known as my "villians tribute," I managed to cram 5 sources into this little segment. The track lyrics inspired the idea for this one, and I quite like it. I picked out the major antagonists from Steamboy, Giant Robo, Origin: Spirits of the Past, and Now and Then Here and There (4 total) and gave them spotlight roles. I then took Bach from the Read or Die OVA and made him the orchestrator of these villains and the track as a whole (and threw in a couple minor ROD villains for good measure). Bach is really the main character here, despite only briefly seeing him, as he is the one telling the story through song and lyrics. It all fit together rather nicely. I'm pretty proud of this one.

    Also, I gotta say, Rider's transition going into this track is phenomenal. :)

    This was my first MEP to ever take part in, and I'm proud to have worked so closely with all of these wonderful editors that I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know over the last few years. Thanks for including me, and I hope to see you all again soon. ^_^v

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