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  • Member: DrowneDeiveed
  • Title: In Water
  • Premiered: 2010-12-24
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    • Johnny Cash Hurt
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  • Comments: This is not your average AMV i suppose, it's more of a "parallel universe" type o'thing. You could probably even argue about this video being a full fledged AMV since the footage that came from the game doesn't prevail in quantity over the footage from the original clip. It does sound somewhat confusing but i just don't want to spoil the surprise of the concept. Like i stated in the youtube description of the video, this is just a twisted "what if", i do realize that some people would find it offensive to the memory of Johnny Cash and i strongly suggest not to get that idea. It was in no way intended to do so. So, if you're already interested please stop reading here and watch the video and for those really confused i'll just go ahead and spoil the idea. This is the video that Mark Romanek did for Johnny Cash's song "Hurt" with all of the memories (and all the most prominent memorabilia from the museum that appear in the video) substituted with shots from the game, so it's made to look like Johnny Cash is James Sunderland sitting in his museum and reminiscing about the past. With that said please welcome my little remix of reality)

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