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  • Member: Sniper
  • Studio: NextLevel Studios-BR
  • Title: [REC]-IEM
  • Premiered: 2010-12-25
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    • Searchlight Contagious
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    Winner First Place Category: Action - AnimeFest 2011 AMV Contest

    Softwares: Sony Vegas 8,Macromedia Fireworks 2008, Adobe® After Effects® CS4,RecordPad

    "Sad to say this, But Your Life Will Never Be The Same, if not watch out You Could Be Next, in a tribute to the film REC, a world filledwith creatures possessed by the girl's blood Medeiros, this timethere is a biological weapon is not a government experiment, arenot a conspiracy of the Umbrella Corporation, your life is at stake,where you move the pieces, But if you play wrong ... End of game."

    The history of this AMV is very funny, because initially I did it to compete in Akross contest2010, was very anxious to finish it and run with it, but unfortunately there was not enough time to finish it.

    I spent a sad time for not being able to see my work exhibited, then decided to look for another exhibition I saw was the Ikkicon V, decided to participate and made all necessary adjustments, it was over and so I sent him, but fate was against me, I'm not very good English needed the help of translators and the like, I sent my amvmp4 format and not placed properly credits as recommended, would have made a more than withdraw from the contest because it did not meet the standards set.

    I spent more than a sad time, when I finally realized what is to edit an AMV, I remembered when I used Movie Maker, and I realized that what matters are not competitions, but the desire to edit.

    With that I leave my job so you can enjoy it or criticize it (which is far more likely), I'm finally happy, because I remembered what really is important in editing AMV's, which is fun.

    down here goes the lyrics of the song that translates perfectly, which occurs in a world full of zombies, check it out ...

    I'm running and i feel times running out
    There were twelve of us, we're down to seven now
    I'm fearing exhaustion
    The temperature is dropping down
    Is anybody with me now?
    All i really wanted was the cure

    Something was written
    They tried to erase us
    Now that they govern here to contain us
    Bodies were lifted
    Well past the stages
    And like the virus, we're much too contagious
    Are we over?

    Now we're fighting, there's no way that this is real
    We are not actors, this is no movie reel
    The dead were all rising
    The federations heresy is now the state emergency
    I want my family
    Thirty seven hours now, the whole world's rearranging
    My live heartbeat's changing
    This wasn't me now
    This isn't me

    We're not getting out so much for getting out
    They built up the walls and left us for ruins

    There's no use standing
    We were all falling out
    We're over
    There's no use standing
    We were all falling out
    We're overdue

    PS: excuse my English ...!

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