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  • Member: Haunter103
  • Studio: Corndog Vidvids
  • Title: Shutting Up With Hinako
  • Premiered: 2010-09-19
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    • Belle and sebastian Shut up and sleep with me
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  • Comments: So Fall_Child42 was all like "let's get everyone to submit Sleeping with Hinako vids to Pro this year" (2010), and I was all "I'll consider it". Several amvs featuring multiple shots of a half-naked unconscious girl in the same contest? Why not?
    The pairing with this song was actually Otohiko's idea, which he presented as something suitable for me because of the lipsyncing that would be involved. I said I would look at it, and with a week to go for the Pro deadline, I actually decided to attempt it.
    I'm actually pleased with the results of my efforts, but it made a few other Pro entrants a bit irate. I'm only half-appolagetic for my participation in the troll, but I make no excuses for the video itself, I happen to like it for what it is. Also glad to make use of any source that is under-utilized for amv purposes. Some tricky lipsync work in the realm of character movement, which I enjoyed taking on as a challenge.
    The raw I used as footage kind of had some colour-banding issues in some shots, which I haven't bothered to attempt to fix. it was a 1080p raw, but I decided not to bother releasing a 1080p version of this amv, as gratuitous as that is.

    This won the coveted "Alfred Lee Loomis Award for a Good Nights Sleep" against some tight competition. I can only assume I took it due to mine being the most upbeat of all the nominations, and people do like upbeat videos. However,upbeat is kind of contrary to the spirit of this particular award, and I feel there were other entries far more deserving of this totally valid award.

    This video has not been encoded for org release just yet. I'm waiting on something.

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