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  • Members: Magnus, Chiiisus
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: Lovestruck Melody
  • Premiered: 2010-12-14
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    • Switchfoot Your Love is a Song
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    This is the entry Me and Susie made for the great amv contest Akross Con.
    It was decided on late notice as I suddenly got an urge to edit and was motivated by the contest, thus this convo led:

    Me: Hey Susie :D we are making a collab for Akross! I just cut the song, here are your tracks! -sends zip file- While downloading that, here's the song we're using :) -links-

    Susie: ... o.o -clicks-

    Me: Okay so we're entering Romance/Drama. We have to be finished in less than a month! Nice I'll call you after I've taken a shower :)

    Susie: this song is pretty...


    So yeah, this is our really spontanious cute little Akross entry, in the genres Romance, Drama and Sentimental.
    It tooks us pretty exactly 3 weeks and 5 days of a lot of laziness (from my part), skyping, editing (susie's part...), partying (once again... my bad.), & stressing on the final day of the deadline (me again).

    The concept of the project is pretty simple. To raise emotions.
    To capture the songs atmosphere and to attempt to grab the viewer. Every segment has it's own little story, some more simple than the other. It must not be forgotten that we made this for ourselves in first hand, to create something nice together as a team. And we couldn't have done this on our own individually, not with the same result at least.

    This is my first full propper AMV since 2008. Therefore, I want all my followers and fans to know that I'm sorry I made you wait. But that I hope it was worth it for you guys.

    From the AuN doorks...
    Magnus & Susie :)

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