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  • Member: Heavy amv
  • Title: The Inner Side
  • Premiered: 2010-12-20
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    • Aphex Twin Avril 14th
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  • Comments: AMV for the 7th IC 72h of the Soul's Team. Effective work time : 15h.

    Don't really pround of my work, not enough time spent for it and no big idea. The deal was to find lyrics on the main melody. But i guess i "well and truly failed" right ? The lyrics were made with Google Tanslate, there is no offense to english people. I'm just not good at poetry, and maybe at this language as well... you'll confirm it after reading the na´ve """ song"""...

    I know a beauty Who's owning my heart
    She is so pretty, Groovy and so smart
    Today, i swear it Ready on my mark
    Shou, I think I should stay in the dark
    A cloudy sunset, A ride under the stars
    A sappy outlet, My love plan for tonight
    Well and truly failed, Like out of bounds
    I should go to hell, Six feet under ground
    Give me one more chance, recover my pride
    Let me just confess My inner side
    I... I... But I... And I... Just I...
    I... I... Oh I... I ... I...
    I... apologize.

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