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  • Title: Legacy
  • Premiered: 2010-08-15
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    • Kevin Rudolf Let It Rock
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  • Comments: Short story:
    Was making this my masterpiece, uploading betas of progress. About 3/4ths of the way in, I was deployed (I'm US Navy). My HDD died during the move to a ship. I lost everything. Here's the last beta I had.

    Long Story:
    Originally this video was intended to have typography; the lyrics to the entire song would be rotoscoped into the scenes. I had actually finished like 3 words(it was taking forever, but looked awesome) before my harddrive died. My thought is ESD Damaga. I couldn't recover it at all, and I tried everything. Even spent some big bucks on recovery software (that's how important this was to me) but the HDD was totally trashed.

    I'm not going to remake it... Maybe ONE DAY. But knowing me, I'll probably never get around to it. This was way too much masking, way too much work to just start over. I'll try again someday with a different idea and make it better. -shrugs-
    I was pissed at first, but I'm over it now (being as the hdd died in august and it's december as I post this).

    If you want to see the progress, and all the betas and such (this did change a LOT) I've copied my journal entries on the progress here (As I said, I was really excited about this project).

    FYI: If this version of the song seems a bit different, that's because near the end I spliced the clean and dirty versions together (most notably right after the 'girls' part). I liked and disliked some parts of each of the song versions, so I just made my own combining the two.


    2010-07-10 19:31:50
    I got an idea for an AMV after seeing some Youtube AMV with the same song. That AMV was actually done really well. I saw it a long time a go and I tried to look at it today to get a better idea on what to do with my AMV but I couldn't find it... Oh well.
    I went and looked at what some other people did (This type of AMV is very popular on YT but on the .org there are only 2!) to get some ideas on what to do and not do for my own video.

    There are some concepts I like but others were common so I will attempt to stay away from that type of editing. Coincidentally, I also saw the "Vortex Recycled" MEP and hooooly shit what people do these days with masks and 3d cameras is amazing. Someone's segment in there-- the neon evangellion one -- uses masks to transition and that is one of my favorite things. I have wanted to put masked transitions in my own AMVs for quite some time, but that segment gave me a few ideas on how to pull off what I was looking for better than what I originally planned.

    I've been working on the AMV all day today (And I'm severely hung over, lol) and I've gotten to about the 1min mark in the song. I'm kind of just laying down a base idea for the scenes I want and doing all the after effects stuff later. I'm hoping that plan will work because there is also a story to this AMV. I don't want it to get lost while I am sidetracked making masks (and I haven't worked in AE for so long it will likely take triple the time it should). That's something that happened with Liar's Remorse (The AMV I made right before boot camp). I got side tracked trying to make the effects work that I think a lot of my story elements just vanished because I forgot how I was originally going to pull them off.

    Regardless, in addition to the whole masks as transitions, I also want to do typography. I've wanted to do a typography AMV for quite some time, and hopefully this won't turn into a collosal failure. Originally I wanted all the lyrics to show up on screen but I think that will end up not working (I'm going to try anyway before I call it quits too early, though). If I can't get all the lyrics on, there are some parts I have great ideas for-- mostly Lil Wayne's rap segments.

    If it's possible, I'd like interaction between the characters on screen and the text (similar to how Zombieland did their stuff. Loved the motion effects in that movie). I'm not entirely sure if I can make that happen, simply based on my current scene choices... The characters are too close up in most of it.

    2010-07-18 10:49:21
    First cut; getting idea(s) together.
    [Direct Link to Beta 1]

    Small scene changes and tightened up timing
    [Direct link to beta 2]

    Introduced AE notes (for future reference); small scene changes (notably "Let it rock" chorus was entirely changed); progressed further into the song
    [Direct link to beta 3]

    Actually did some of the AE work; tightened up timing in the latter half
    [Direct link to beta 4]

    Tightened up pre-existing AE work; added some more
    [Direct link to beta 5]

    Changed the stupid glow thing at 0:12 for THE LAST TIME; subtitle removal; finally fixed aspect ratio problem
    [Direct link to beta 6]

    I think right now I'm going to just finish up the rest of the base AE work for the notes I already have and put the first half of the video into video lock. After that I'll progress further into the song, because after this the timing will be much more difficult anyway.

    Then (if I actually get this far before giving up) I can port the entire thing over to AE and do the fine tuning and typography like I wanted. Though Lil Wayne's chorus is going to be A BITCH. I'll probably have to do all the AE work there (including the typography) at once before continuing.

    2010-07-23 15:18:47
    [Direct link to beta 7]

    The most intense masks so far are at the end of this one.

    Fixed up terrible stroke with mask at 0:58ish, added all the new AE work.
    I think that's all I did.

    I can finally move onward with the song.

    By the way, I have no idea what I originally intended for the song opening so I'm just going to leave that there for now and not mask anything...
    Maybe I'll roto some video credits in there or something.

    2010-07-25 22:41:31
    This is a screencap of a lagarith encode.
    I'll have a new beta out eventually with lil wayne's solo in it, I just want to actually finish the solo first.

    Anyway, the screencap looks atrocious. I want to say it's because that isn't a keyframe and those are stills and it's moving very fast HOWEVER I think that's just optimism at this point.

    I managed to finish most of Lil wayne's solo today - what I thought would have to be done entirely in After effects, I mostly did through motion effects in Premiere. While that SOUNDS bad it actually came out looking pretty good. Also, my original grunge idea was scrapped (Kind of happy it was because then I would've had to make all the stills by hand). Instead I used some REALLY nice softcore hi res pics of Yoko and Nia. Though the black cloak sisters left something to be desired, I managed to pull some nice things out of my ass from the beach episode. I did make an EARLY "girls test" wmv... I guess if you want to know KIND OF what I already did you can view that but ehhh.

    [Direct link to 'girls test' wmv]

    While I finished the 'girls' part (and the finished product isn't in the beta here) I didn't finish the entire solo yet. I'm going to do that, port it over to AE to add the text effects ("Rock" and the girl's names will be in there... Look at the lyrics for the song if you have no idea what I mean).
    After THAT I may chuck out another beta.

    Bleh. Just because I'm bored, here are the lyrics so this part makes a bit more sense:
    Wayne's world
    Planet Rock
    Panties drop
    And the tops
    And she gonna rock 'til the camera stop
    And I sing about angels like ANGELA (rock)
    And PAMELA (rock)
    And SAMANTHA (rock)
    And AMANDA (rock)
    And TAMARA (rock)

    Hence why I have sultry pics in there.

    2010-08-14 23:49:59

    August 14:
    Today's the first day I've looked at the Legacy AMV since I've gotten on the ship. Which means this is also the first time I've watched the AMV using headphones rather than speakers. Apparently my laptop's speakers suck ass, because with headphones I am hearing a constant bass drum beat I NEVER heard before. And because of that, my AMV doesn't really synch to anything anymore. Terrible luck. I'm thinking about just doing an easy/cheap fix of slight zooms via AE for the beat.

    But, I was planning on doing that for the clapping sounds if I didn't change scenes. I guess I'll have to think of something different for that. Dx

    August 15:

    I "finished" the AMV! And by finished I mean, completed the timeline! OMG YAY

    [Direct link to beta 8]

    I tweaked a lot of everything, several times. I should probably have another beta up today... I am in the process of finishing up the small timing things (small electronic noise, drum beats, etc.). After I finish all that, I'll put out one more beta before I start the typography which YES I AM STILL DOING. HURHURRRR.

    This is going to be one clusterfuck of an AMV.

    2010-08-15 04:28:39
    [Direct link to beta 9 (the "final" also on local)]

    The finished timeline.
    I couldn't do the finer details because where I am there's a lot of ambient sound. So I'll just save the fine tuning for later.

    After that... Typography. =3

    2010-08-31 03:40:35
    HDD randomly crashed and bombed. Lost everything. TRYING to recover it but it outlook appears bleak. Why does this ALWAYS happen when I'm working on my AMV Opus? This is the THIRD TIME! I've never finished an "opus" because of it.

    That aside, I am not sure what beta #9 shows, or if a 10 exists since it's been so long, but I do remember finishing everything and beginning the typography. The text looked awesome so far. But I only got to "You show your dirty face behind".

    I also remember I was going to redo the opening sequence again because I didn't like it.

    Let's hope I can recover something because I am not going to remake this fucking music video. If I can't recover it, I'll just upload the last beta, as I did with my last two self-proclaimed "opus" videos. (Knives' View and Totaltarian).

    2010-12-17 22:23:49
    It's all gone.
    Yep. I know this is super late, but it's allllllll gone.
    I'll just add a video entry for the damn beta. Sigh.

    Random post I pulled with screencaps:
    I am exceptionally proud of this.

    Conglomeration of 4 different scenes.
    Kamina's death (bg), the sword/grave (main), then inside of the cape there's:
    - adjusted alternate view of kamina's grave
    - Older simon standing over Kamina's grave


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