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  • Member: GreenArcherAlchemist
  • Title: "Bookman" Heart - Decode (Part I)
  • Premiered: 2008-10-17
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    • Paramore decode
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  • Comments: This is the first part of a personal tribute I made for Lavi. The second part is Disappear. I consider them a only video, so the description is the same.
    It's basically a video about "Lavi" and his inner conflict with "Bookman": in the first part, it focuses on his relationship with the other Exorcists, in the second part it focuses on his relationship with Linalee.
    I think this video is one of my best: the first one I'm very proud of. But maybe it's just because is a tribute for my favourite character...
    You don't have to mind the subtitles except in the parts where I left the original audio. Very small aspect ratio.

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