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  • Member: yaoixalchemist
  • Title: Kouichi Kimura is the Angel Of Darkness
  • Premiered: 2010-11-16
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    • Alex C Angel of Darkness *Video Mix*
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  • Comments: Hearing this song instantly made me think of Kouichi. So a storyline for this is the other Digi-destined(Kouji mainly) are trying to save Kouichi from his cruel fate as the angel of darkness a being with tons of power...but doomed to die once he uses that full power.

    I may or may not redo this. I had the beginning and ending planned even before I started on this monster that took over 3 hours to do. The rest just kinda morphed. I dont know I may redo it and add flashy effects! for now let me know what you think!

    I do not own the anime/audio used in this video. I am not making any money by having this uploaded!

    Anime:Digimon Frontier
    Song:Angel Of Darkness
    Artist:Alex C feat Yasmin K
    Program:Windows Movie Maker Vista

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