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  • Member: TIGER M
  • Studio: New Sound Productions
  • Title: The World Is Mine (Ikkicon V 1st Submission Edition! =D)
  • Premiered: 2010-12-09
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    • David Guetta The world is Mine (f**k Me Im Famous Remix)
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  • Comments: Anime: Kaleido Star (FUNimation Entertainment/ADV Films [formerly]/Gonzo)
    Song: The World Is Mine (F--- Me I'm Famous Edit) ^_^
    Performing Artist(s): David Guetta (Ultra Records)
    Additional Anime: Kaleido Star: New Wings, Kaleido Star: The Amazing Princess Without A Smile (OVA)
    Video & Audio ULTRA Director & Editor [this amv only! =3]: TIGER M
    The World: It's Ours [So it's Mine and Yours too! =D]

    Phew! This is my TWELFTH AMV! =D

    This is a complete re-working complete with new scenes and more comedy and drama of my first AMV shaped this year "Kaleido Star - The World Is Mine."

    This version specifically shaped to compete in Ikkicon V early next January 2011, is to be the very last version of this "4-part-amv-hobby" series which has taken nothing but pure passion for all characters in this amazing anime "Kaleido Star!"

    There really is no anime like this in my humble opinion, and very few anime or live action films for that matter even REMOTELY depict the "True Nature" and "every aspect" of the Entertainment Industry and show biz as does this superb anime.

    Definitely a "Perfect 10" on the "Gales Entertainment Scale." [GES]

    Beyond my passion for Kaleido Star as my #1 favorite anime at this time in my life, the character Sora Naegino is especially important to me at this time.
    As is Kalos Eido and Mia Guillem. =3

    (Who like all characters in the anime, push through common challenges in the Entertainment Industry and the Show Biz World even when times become seemingly insurmountable to the "standardized atypical" mind--but blown to bits by these character's undying determination and desire to succeed the SUPER TASK at hand! }=O)

    I honestly believe that each character in this anime portrays an aura that should be shared with our and as many people who want to and will take a moment to view this amv and/or anime.

    And no. I don't work for FUNimation or ADV Films or GONZO or anything like that. ^_^'

    I truly just love this anime and taking the time to do this AMV [instead of doing literally any of millions of things that could come to mind or come to pass through action] should relay that fact alone. =)

    If not then I am sorry. ^^; But I am happy! =D

    Fore this this is a true love of mine.

    This is true passion to me. Being able to share this amazing anime and amv [to me at least] with the rest of the world, and I most certainly hope that all of you will enjoy who decide to take the time to view. =3

    My intentions are not to "win" at Ikkicon with this AMV--
    but rather ot share my hard work and passion via this amv.

    However, whatever this amv places in the Ikkicon V AMV contest I am satisfied. =) My desire is simply to share this with all of you if you who desire to view! Going for the "Drama" D= =D category with this specific amv. =)

    I am doing 2 others -- one for the "Comedy" section and another for "Action" -- the "action one will also be based off of Kaleido Star =)] I am satisfied =)

    But what's even more important to me than the upcoming contest is sharing heart-to-heart with any viewer anywhere who sees this amv or the anime associated with... an honest passion.

    Thank You for taking the time to view.

    It Starts With A Dream...

    Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
    (That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown),
    -DJ, TIGER M [Thursday]
    -3:27 (12/9/2010) [Day of New Beginnings /o/]

    P.S. Happy Holidays Everyone.

    A Very Merry Christmas and a Superb And Overjoyed New Year's Day 2011! ^_^

    Who Is TIGER M? O.O

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