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  • Member: Thepooh
  • Studio: Soul's Team
  • Title: Meteor Tower
  • Premiered: 2010-12-13
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    • Phoenix 1901 (Saycet remix)
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    I've started AMV 2 years now, and since I’ve always wanted to edit something about “The place promised in our early days “.

    But I never found a music which fits to my mind and obviously everyone said to me : “ This anime is overused..” it’s almost become a joke. But this idea can’t quit my mind, I want to do it, really…but found a music was so…

    Of course I didn’t want a tear-jerker song “ you left me oh it’s so sad :(", I will never forgot you my dear…blabla”,Insert here random song for teenagers.

    Finally I found a music with : lyrics / atmosphere and a cool –and dynamic- flow : 1901 by the French band : Phoenix. But not the one you think/know. It’s a remix by saycet (an ambient French band), so music chosen is 100 % from France, this will please our –stupid /arrogant- president.

    Phoenix is probably (after Daft Punk) the most famous French band in the world, and they are probably most known outside France. 1901 is a song about “Paris / Eiffel Tower etc…” but some lyrics really interest specifically these:

    “Past and present -- they don't matter. Now the future's sorted out “ (Timeskip)
    “Lie down, you know it's easy like we did it all summer long “ (Season ! Summer !)
    “Watch them build up a material tower »


    My last problem was the anime itself. I need something to “spicy” it a bit. I used some animes (like break blade or sky crawlers), but I really worked above all on editing, tryin' to do something different on a Shinkai. I'm still conviced The Place Promised is more dark than what we think, or should I say, what we saw in clips. This is the feeling I wanted to convey : melancholy or for being exact, what Baudelaire called : " Spleen ".

    This AMV should be named : Trying something different.

    Don't know if it's successful, but I tried.

    Hope you'll like it :).

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