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  • Member: machina21
  • Studio: Dakrewkideye Studios
  • Title: Dial "D" For Dominus
  • Premiered: 2010-12-06
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  • Songs:
    • The Seatbelts SPY
    • Toshihiko Sahashi Servant
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  • Comments: Into the way back machine we go...

    "Dial "D" For Dominus" is mixture of things that I really, really love:

    1.Yoko Kanno Music-Self explanatory
    2.Big O- One of my all time favorite series
    3.Retro style opening sequences- I blame James Bond

    The origin of "Dominus" actually dates back to one of my earliest attempts at making an AMV. I did a short "Big O" vid but I was not to happy with the results. I decided that later on when I became a bit more proficient I would attempt another one. Originally I was just going to remaster the old video. But as I was listening to my music collection, I heard the song "SPY" by the Seatbelts and fireworks went off in my mind. I decided instead of just a remaster, I'll remake the the old vid, but in the vein of an old 60's spy tv show...sort of.

    Of course the obvious source of inspiration for a vid of this type would be "Cowboy Bebop". I tried not to emulate the opening too much but its influence is certainly here. I cannot go any further in the description and not give mention to Scintilla, not just for "Eva bebop" but also for telling me how he achieved the "Two tone" look in "Eva Bebop" which would be used a great deal in "Dominus". Thanks Scintilla, you're a life saver.

    But besides those two videos I set out to find sources that I could draw inspiration from and I used a variety of them: Saul Bass' work with Hollywood movie openings, most notably the openings for "West Side Story" and "Vertigo", the opening titles for the 60's version of "The Saint", album covers designed by Reid Miles and other artists from "Blue Note Records" , another 60's spy tv show called "It takes a thief" , "Gunsmith Cats" and I think I came up with some original stuff, probably not, but I'll say I did just to feel better about myself.

    However, this one flaw in "Dominus" that kind of breaks it. It supposed to be a title sequence, but the title for "The Big O" doesn't show up at all during the video (oops). This was actually the result of:

    1.Me being a bit of a scatterbrain, so many ideas pass though my mind so its hard to keep track.

    Maybe in another two years I'll add the titles, who knows. Anyway, here is a retro-centric take on "The Big O". Hope you enjoy it and hopefully its a worthy edition to the Org.

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