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  • Member: Cenit
  • Studio: 360 Degrees Fluorescent
  • Title: Dealing with Life
  • Premiered: 2010-11-23
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    • Atlas Plug Truth Be Known
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    This is not my last amv i worked on earnestly - that title goes to Cyrillic Redux. This is what could have been my last earnest AMV but ended in me not having enough time and determination to finish it right. I'm not disappointed and in fact i like it but it's not flawless - it has technical issues and it's probably way to long ... in short it's an old video i tried to finish for AKROSS without giving it the fire it needs for people to sit through the 5 minutes.
    Also i'm not quiting AMV but i'm taking a break from serious editing and deadline editing for finishing my studys well so no neat stuff until 2012 i guess ... hopefully i can improve until then.

    After acquiring the Rescue Wings DVD's in mid 2009, this was planned to be my entry for AnimeCon 2010 in Almelo, but things changed when a short funproject became my major entry now called Cyrillic Redux. So after having a 30% finished AMV and a clear idea for the concept i stopped working on it until october 2010 for finishing FACTION and JAGDMEISTER instead. So "Project Celsius" as it was called back then was postponed indefinite until i heard from AKROSS CON 2010. Due to this deadline i achieved the right motivation to finish a third major AMV in 2010 instead of many smaller ones planned. So i worked for like 3 weeks to finally get it done and it was finished around early November. But due to my betatesters not quiet liking it another delay occured due to me figguring out if i really want to do all those changes - some i did - most i didn't. So in fact it's not their fault at all. JCD suggested the namechange away from Celsius ... sth i had in mind as well. But my original idea was calling it "The story of Rodger Celsius", renaming the main char but that looked like way to much work so i found this new name "Dealing with Life". It has a double meaning ... try to figure it out - it's not that hard i hope ^^. Also there are some technical issues that go back to the time starting the amv but i wont name anymore details ... if you don't notice them good for you and if you do sorry but i'm too lazy to start this project twice.

    It was done for AKROSS CON 2010 ... no results yet. I don't expect too much as people haven't really gone head over heels for this but i'm glad for the feedback i got on their site and i hope i make it for one more round or so ... sit and watch i guess.

    - Sony Vegas 7.0b
    - DVD-Decrypter
    - DGIndex
    - VirtualDubMod
    - Avisynth
    - Zarx264GUI

    Dedicated to MFG5:
    In addition i devote this AMV to the "Marinefliegergeschwader 5" in Kiel-Holtenau where i did my basic military service from 2007 to 2008. It's getting closed down soon due to structural changes within the German military forces but i had a great time working there for 6 months with people like those you see in Rescue Wings and since their major duty is sea rescue i'm dedicating this AMV to them.

    Special Thanks to my betatesters:
    impr3ssive, Ingow, JCD, Lapskaus, martypan, Noss, Streicher

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