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  • Member: TIGER M
  • Studio: New Sound Productions
  • Title: The World Is Mine (NB Version)
  • Premiered: 2010-11-16
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    • David Guetta The world is Mine (f**k Me Im Famous Remix)
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  • Comments: Hey Everyone! =D

    This is my 10th AMV! =D
    YAY! =D

    Really proud of it too! =3
    A lot of time, care and passion went into making this...

    An Awesome AMV for Awesome "Anime" and "Music" ! =)

    To be more exact, my currently favorite anime about the Show Biz & Entertainment Industry and my favorite song from David Guetta on Ultra Records: The World Is Mine. =)

    The end result? =3
    My favorite AMV from me so far. =)

    You're not inclined to agree!
    But I hope you'll at least give it a watch! =D

    A lot of love, time and effort went into shaping and sharing
    so thanks for taking the time to watch! =D

    It Starts With A Dream...

    Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
    (That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown),
    -DJ, TIGER M [Tuesday]
    -12:28 (11/16/2010) [Sibling Birthday Day =)]

    P.S. Couldn't rest [seriously...] until I finished this one.

    Put a lot of time and passion into this vid so please feel free and enjoy! =D

    Would greatly appreciate any feedback, comment and rating!

    The "Original" Version can be found here:

    Did two versions. =3
    Would be good to know which one people like most! =D

    The "No brakes" version has a name that was literally inspired by me taking a vehicle [voluntarily] about 3 streets and four lights all of which got ran at about 5 miles per hour becaaaause... the van had NO BRAKES!

    Or rather, the brakes were completely shot.
    [been going out for a while now. "You don't say..." =F]

    Made it there safely so The World Is Mine =3
    And I guess I'll Die Another Day! =3 [AWESOME AMV btw VicBond007 ^_^]

    Anyway, this version is actually shorter than my original rendition of it done
    in about 18 hours-no-eat-no-sleep-no-crap [seriously...], but this version has
    more good clean fun and footage around the center and at the very end. =)

    Since some of you do not like your AMVs interrupted by actual anime scenes,
    I thought I'd do two versions before being railgunned with complaints about..

    "That stop is Soooooooooooo random dude!"
    "WHY, WHY, WHY!!!!?""


    However, do keep in mind though that my passion for amv authoring far exceeds what viewers may "expect" or "demand."
    This is a hobby for me and I enjoy doing what I do to share with You! =3

    Once it's shared I'm happy--even if you become depressed
    [which I find odd... if you don't want to--just don't... watch it. Fair? Fair. =3 OK! =]

    Anyway... thinking of the title of this version, I had a friend following me
    and she was witness to the pole I intentionally ran into [at 5 miles per hour]
    in order to get the van to stop! O.O Scary T.T

    But made it! =3

    Got a lot of awkward stares and passed by a parked police SUV,
    an ambulance went around me and an office went through a green light
    while it was red for me and I ran I right after he passed.

    It was a bit past 11:00 AM
    [this just happened today =P]

    It's almost like I was being reminded that if I did not stay careful...
    I would either wind up in jail or at the hospital or both
    [hospitalized until can do jail time... yeah.]

    Good times. ^^

    Scary... but I surely wouldn't give back the experience for anything in the world!
    Beause, hey! The World is Mine, It's Yours It's Ours! =3

    What is even more interesting is it was raining on the way there,
    and when I got back home...

    The sun broke the clouds and it was suddenly sunny! O.O
    [Even took a picture which I may post later on DeviantArt. =3]

    Even more interesting is that my friend who followed showed up about 3 scenes-in-editing before I got to begin to render, so the effect was that I got to complete the "no brakes"\ version after I drove through lights and stop signs and into poles and curbs to stop!

    With yup! =3 That's right!

    No Brakes! =D

    The initial title was "no breaks version" and to be honest,
    I love both versions--a lot.
    [But then again... I made it. Kind of like loving a child or my p---- ok. ^^;]


    For audience comparison's sake though, I think people who have not yet seen Kaleido Star [which Funimation is re-releasing it seems THIS YEAR in about a week--AWESOME! =D My favorite anime right now.]

    ...I think that the original will be most enjoyed [by people who have not seen the anime just yet]. The original amv "stops" for a second and shares a [what I think is] a very funny scene. Even edited it so it'd come out REAL QUICK.
    [You'll see =3]

    Viewers of the anime will like the "no breaks" version better on average I am thinking though. ^_^ It's consistent, and the flow of the video is just--seamless.
    [Also funny how it comes out--like Sora and Yuuri arguing "The World Is Mine" hahah. Enjoy that =)]

    In the original though, just something about Yuuri saying to the instructor
    [who offers his body to Yuuri... ...] "You're too kind" and then telling Sora
    "The World Is Mine" and the music starts again. =)

    Then again, I SO LOVE the way the F40 scene and Sora/Layla/Yuuri relationship is shown together.

    Also got to use the skating closing on the background of the "no brakes" one.

    YOU decide! =)

    Which world would You like to say of,

    "The World Is Mine!" ^_^

    Decisions, Decisions. =3

    And yes, that although "The World Is [Yours!"] the World is OURS a-so...

    "The World Is Mine" too! =3

    Enjoy! =D

    Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
    (That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown),
    -DJ, TIGER M [Tuesday]
    -4:19 PM (11/16/2010) [Sibling Birthday Day =3]

    P.S. Happy Holidays everyone! =D
    And a very happy birthday for You-know-who-you-are! =^~

    Special Thanks to watchcartoononline and anime TV for providing awesome anime--online! =D Instead of ripping all 52 episodes of Kaleido Star or torrenting pre-ripped anime, I went with the "stream." =)

    This is the first AMV I have ever done like this and may do so more often.

    MEGA Special thanks YouTube users hiruasora, NaySparkz, and "SUPER" silvergoldest for uploading ALL "clean" Closings and openings! This AMV wouldn't be what it is today without YOU! =D Thank You SO very much! =D

    The World Is YOURS Today too! =3

    Stay awesome and take care. =)

    -DJ, TIGER M

    Who Is TIGER M? O.O

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