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  • Member: TIGER M
  • Studio: New Sound Productions
  • Title: The World Is Mine (ZI Version)
  • Premiered: 2010-11-23
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    • David Guetta The world is Mine (f**k Me Im Famous Remix)
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  • Comments: Hey everyone! =D

    This is my 11th AMV O.O
    Just completed this one today which happens to be the re-release day for Kaleido Star!

    Most certainly this is my very best Anime Music Video passion ["work"] to date. =)

    What began as a simple idea to mash 6 Kaleido Star openings and closings together...
    Transformed into a MASSIVE amv in style (and homage to)

    *Microphone Booming And Echo Effect*

    One of The ~GREATEST ANIME ON EARTH! [EARTH-Earth-earth-earth-earth...]
    [or so I choose to believe. ^_^;]

    Synced to a dance-song full of attitude and ambition [David Guetta - The World Is Mine]
    This amv embodies my favorite anime about the Show Biz & Entertainment Industry:
    Kaleido Star =D

    This is the very first amv in my life--after almost a dozen [the "eleventh hour" right? =3]
    passionately directed and edited creations-to-share that I intentionally lip-synched.

    The original idea was nothing like this.
    [nor was it to stay up for 20-hours without eating, drinking or going to the bathroom ^^;]

    However, I'm glad things turned out the way they did! =D

    This final [yes final. There are three] version of Kaleido Star - The World Is Mine
    is tribute not only to re-release of my all-time-favorite anime which is being Digitally
    Remastered on DVD by FUNimation and re-released TODAY [11/23/2010]--YAY!

    But also tribute and homage to two of my most memorable mentors from

    Kevin Caldwell (proxy) who creating the ASTOUNDING "Believe" amv I first saw back in 2003
    Turbo for creating an amv which sticks with me to this day: "Engel (Remastered)."

    Had it not been for these two geniuses, who knows... I may not ever have been inspired to
    created a single passion-fed amv. =3

    Actually only began all this about 2 years ago now with my very first
    heartfelt-tribute and amv debut: "Rushuna wa Vanilla!"

    Welp! Imma shut up. ^_^

    Please enjoy an Awesome AMV for both AMAZING "Anime" and "Music" ! =)


    SUMMARY [It's very Short =3]

    My favorite AMV from me so far. =)

    You're not inclined to agree!
    But I hope you'll at least give it a watch! =D

    A lot of love, time and effort went into shaping and sharing
    so thanks for taking the time to watch! =D

    It Starts With A Dream...

    Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
    (That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown),
    -DJ, TIGER M [Tuesday]
    -3:30 (11/23/2010) [Day of The Lovers]

    Who Is TIGER M? O.O

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