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  • Member: dokool
  • Studio: Third Lens Open Productions
  • Title: See Ya Later, Naota
  • Premiered: 2003-05-25
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    • Avril Lavigne Sk8r Boi
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  • Comments: Update (11.28.03)

    I'm a bit late at posting this, but SYLN placed a very respectable 3rd in the Romance category at AUSA. Thus my first great video retires with three convention appearances. Continued thanks to everyone who supports TLO.

    Update (11.08.03)

    SYLN is an AUSA5 Finalist, competing in Romance. Best of luck to the other videos in the category, and if my video could talk, it would also wish to extent its best wishes to Right Now It's Tricky To Be Shameless, my other video at AUSA5, competing in Comedy.

    Again, after AUSA, SYLN *will* retire, so if you're a fan of the vid and attending AUSA5, give it your love for Viewer's Choice so it can retire happy =)


    Update (10.05.03)

    This is the vid that never ends... it just goes on and on my friend...

    In all seriousness, folks. SYLN has made the finals at Otakon, and has been shown at AWA (at least, may have been shown, I don't know.)

    Time for one last go-around. SYLN will be submitted to AUSA 2003. Win or no win, it will be retired. I thank everyone that continues to download it, and can only hope that my future works are as enjoyable as this.




    I have returned from Otakon, where this video was in the Competition. My prognosis? You guys all suck =P

    Just kidding. I wasn't expecting *quite* the reaction that this video recieved. Lots of groans when the title card played, lots of applause by the end. That's what I get for making a good video to a bad song. I may submit it to a couple other cons, but for now, SYLN is in semi-retired status. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed it, and to those dozen or so people who probably voted for it.



    I MADE IT TO OTAKON!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you to everyone who liked SYLN in the prescreenings, and thank you in advance to everyone who throws a vote my way at the convention. You guys rock =)

    Third Lens Open Productions is proud to announce its finest work in the AMV world to date, See Ya Later, Naota.

    The concept for this video came when... well, it just came to me. I think I was having a conversation with somebody on AIM about FLCL while listening to Sk8er Boi. It immediately went into The Queue of AMVs I planned to make.

    Scripting took place in April 2003, and most of the video (save for a couple shots) was plotted out. The VOBs were ripped on April 27th, 2003. Editing took place over technically three nights, from May 23rd through 25th. Total editing time is about 13 hours.

    Lip-syncing was initially tried, but abandoned. Avril just sings too damned fast, and the clips I dropped into "See You Later, Boy" synced naturally most of the time.

    This is also the first time I've done serious effects. The band/block effect was taught to me by Guyver2019 of Dark Guyver Studios, who got it from Wonka of HypeOdermic Studios' vid, Appetite For Lightin' Dynamite (which is an incredibly awesome vid that you should download in addition to mine). If you'd like to know, IM me at DOKool and I can explain it to you. If there are enough requests for a tutorial, I'll throw one together and put it on the Third Lens Open site.

    The TV effect was done w/ much guesswork, using Photoshop to create the layers and a combination of Transform and Camera View filters on the clips to move them into place. Ashyukun tells me it would have been much easier in After Effects. I'm sure he's right, but I'm not ready to dive into AE yet.

    This was my first time experimenting with a lot of things, including motion paths, titles, chroma transparencies, rubber bands, and so on. I'm very happy with the result of this vid, and intend on submitting it to Otakon 2003 as well as a few other Cons.

    Thanks and dedications go to Guyver2019 of Dark Guyver Studios, Ashyukun of Electric Leech Productions, and the AB2K3 AMV Panel.


    -DOKool, Third Lens Open Productions

    p.s. The font I used for the titles is Banco. Pretty fitting for FLCL, I must say.

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