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  • Member: Chiiisus
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: All I Need
  • Premiered: 2010-11-06
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  • Song:
    • OneRepublic Say (All I Need)
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  • Comments: Ohai :3

    FIRSSTTT super omega thank yew to anyone who beta'd a part of this at some point. Special thanks to Niwa who was asking for betas a lot and good at stopping me from getting lazy and also to Laerium. You both are epic beta testers of awesomeness! -Eats yew nao-

    This is for Eternalment Round 2. The round theme was 'Empathy' in other words, edit with a character you relate to. I know most people would assume I would pick Yui, and I love Yui but I do seriously relate to Sawako in how she's treated for how she looks and how shy she is. I also met someone who helped me build my confidence up even a little. I had that feeling that the no matter how hard I tried I wasn't someone good enough to 'reach' that person, regardless of what was say to me. I think it's friendships that help you grow as a person are the friendships that I'll value most throughout my life. :3

    Song choice was also picked because I related to it.

    I also had my hair cut in that style, except it wasn't black. D': I put it in plaits and in a bun at times. There is proof in pictures, but those are pictures most of yew will never see. :'D Now my hair isn't that long/cut that way so it's all good. :3

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