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  • Member: Cross/fade
  • Studio: AMP
  • Title: The Stage
  • Premiered: 2010-10-28
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    • Two Steps From Hell Clock Tower Parade
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  • Comments: Finally I was able to enter Akross. HERE

    I have been observing closely this contest for 2 years now but I never had anything prepared before the deadline. I had my doubts if I should enter with this AMV but I knew that if I didn't I would regret it anyway .... so I submitted it. For now I even had a positive feedback :).
    After whole year of comedy/fun/ and parody AMVs I wanted to check out if I lost my touch in the drama genre.

    The Beginning:

    The idea for this AMV was lingering in my mind for a while now but because I had no clue where to get scenes I needed I categorized this idea as something that will never be finished. Guess I was wrong. Kosmit showed to me Aoi Bungaku and bingo, I started editing the next day.


    The original play is named "Run, Melos!" by Osamu Dazai and it's a rework of Friedrich Schiller's ballad Die Bürgschaft. Since I altered the story I decided not to go by the original name and
    this is why we have "Milon" (yeah, my artistic touch) instead of "Run, Melos!".

    The original story goes like this:
    "Melos is a naive young shepherd with a sense of equity. The land in which he lives is ruled by Dionys, a tyrant king who, because of his distrust of people, has killed many, even his own family members.
    When Melos hears about the King's deeds one day, he becomes enraged. He decides to assassinate the King, and so he sneaks into the castle with a knife, but is caught and arrested. Melos pleads with the King to postpone his execution and give him three days so that he can attend his younger sister's wedding.
    The King agrees, but on one condition: that Melos' friend Selinuntius is left as a hostage, and if Melos does not return in three days, he will be executed in Melos' stead.
    After the wedding is over Melos hurries back to the city. Along the way he encounters many tribulations, such as a broken bridge due to the overflowing of the river and attacks by bandits.
    All of these things exhaust him, and he nearly gives up, but then continues to run for his friend's life's sake.
    At sundown Melos finally arrives at the city, just in time to save his friend Selinuntius. He apologizes to Selinuntius for his treachery, and Selinuntius apologizes for ever doubting him. The King is moved by the display and decides to let Melos go with impunity."

    Ripped from Wikipedia

    As you see it's a bit more complicated than the one from the AMV. Too complicated to properly present it. That is why I left the most important motif - friendship - and build something a bit different. In the end the story is about two friends where one of them is sentenced for the execution and the other one will do anything to save him. Including paying the highest price if needed.

    Behind the stage:

    The first thing you will notice is the simplicity of this AMV. There are two scenes masked and one flash added. That is all. It doesn't sound like something you would send to a contest with highest technical standards out there, right ? Well, I suck in the effects department. Seriously. My best AMVs are no-effects one. So yes, I actually did my best for the contest considering my current skills. If I tried to appeal to people with my "effects" I would fail terribly, and now ? Well, some people will enjoy this AMV and some will not.

    At least the worst scenario won't happen now:
    Viewer: Hey, Cross !
    Crossfade: What is it ?
    viewer: My grandma does better effects than you .... and she makes better pancakes as well !
    Crossfade: ... I like pancakes.

    I'm happy with my editing thought. I think I did good here at least. People usually enjoy more the second part of the AMV than the first but the beginning is needed for the buildup and story wise
    so I left it how it is. I was scaried people will think this AMV is full of "lip-flaps" but I'm glad viewers are smart enough to know better than that :D. Acting is acting. Actors "yelling" and showing of their emotions it's
    something that they do. It would just look too unnatural if I would decided to camuflauge their acting through masking or something.


    Well, the contest is still undergoing when I'm writing this. Of course I would be happy if I advanced further but it's not me to decide from now on. There are hundreds of talented editors participating. I will edit this part if something happens :D.
    5th place in General
    4th place in Drama Category
    3rd place in Story Category
    2nd place in Best Concept

    + Akross prize ^__^

    I want to say thank you to Aggressor who translated the description of the AMV into Russian.

    Special thanks goes to:

    Announcement thread - feel free to write anything about the AMV :3

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