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  • Member: FateTSC
  • Studio: FateTSC Production
  • Title: Do you have Memories you don't want to forget
  • Premiered: 2009-01-25
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    • Immediate Music- Serenata Serenata
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  • Comments: This is my third AMV contest entry untill now this time its for the Tsunacon 2009 AMV contest that was held in Sliedrecht (Zuid-Holland) The Netherlands.

    Tsunacon 2009 AMV contest 6th place Award

    Story in the AMV:

    The first part is about Mizuki about his loneliness in the rain which you don't have to be so sad when you no have friends which the sun is shinning and go to follow your own path.

    After the sun is shining the characters are introduce, Miyako & Hirono are want to know each other. But the other day Hirono has also a crush at Shindou Kei so its going to be a difficult choice which he want to choose.

    At the third part Chihiro girl with a eye cover write letters to his most precious person Asou Renji which he knows this letter comes from the precious person so Asou Renji is going to find her in the outside world. And want to share the wonderfull memories again with her.

    After Asou Renji and Chihiro re-united. The next part is about a girl named Yuuko is a mysterious girl that she only appears when people has problems with their life. So Yuuko decide to throw a flying paper to share the message about her moments with the main characters. Later at the day she met Yuu a good childhood of her so they are also re-united.

    The last part of the AMV is that Hirono still stucked about to choose Shindou Kei or Miyako Miyamura. At least Hirono apologizes to Shindou Kei that she actually choose for Miyako as his partner. Miyako and Hirono are also re-united and have wonderful memories that don't want to forget.

    I've spend 2 days for the re-editing the most of the scenes are changed and also the encoding is not 480p anymore but 720p encoding with MP4 H264.

    The aspect ratio also changed 4:3 to 16:9. And some nice clean overlays not to overdone.

    Enjoy it.

    Ef A Tale of Memories (TV)
    Ef A Fairy Tale of the Two (Game)
    Ef The Latter Tale (Game)

    Song by: Immediate music producer
    Song Title: Serenata (No Choir version)

    Codec: H264 MP4 Blue-ray 720p
    Audio Codec: AAC Advanced Audio Codec
    Resolution: 1280x720

    Program used: Sony Vegas 7.0, Virtualdub 1.9
    AMV Editor: FateTSC Timmie Ng

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