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  • Member: EkaCoralian
  • Title: The Iron Hero
  • Premiered: 2010-10-30
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    • Warner Bros. The Iron Giant Official Trailer (audio)
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  • Comments: Here we are! An AMV which I've had my heart set on since episode 11 of Heroman (when I actually started to really get into it... xD; )
    From there I had been brainstorming ideas of what kind of AMV I wanted to make with it. Heroman doesn't specifically have one genre so it was proving to be kind of difficult: that is, until I had the idea to make a trailer AMV while I was watching my VHS of good ol' The Iron Giant (really glad I have it on DVD now though, as my VCR spontaneously stopped working about a year ago. =c)
    Anyways, so after realizing how much I missed the movie, I looked up the trailer and had completely decided to make this in the future. I chose to wait until Heroman finished for obvious clip reasons (I mean a lot of the stuff I used in this was from the later episodes. Back at episode 11, Heroman couldn't fly. xD)
    I really loved making this. It's been far too long since I've edited just for, well, fun. xD (Besides this one School Rumble mini AMV I did, but the editing was rushed and it wasn't meant to be amazing. Its was 1 am and I was on a School Rumble high: enough said. =P) I think my favorite part in this was editing Dr. Minami as Mr. Mansley. I was considering to use Agent Hughes for him, but Minami is so much more like his insanely desperate side. xD (Can you tell I love Minami? -shot-) If I ever came across another idea to make a trailer AMV, I'd do it. These are incredibly entertaining to make. :'D

    In closing, I hope you enjoy this. It isn't my first bout at lip-syncing but it is my first at making a trailer AMV with lip sync (so I know its not perfect. Blah. =s)

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