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  • Member: mtarzaim
  • Studio: Killer Penguin Productions
  • Title: TWGOK - One More Day
  • Premiered: 2010-10-24
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    • The Rootless One Day
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    I was following The World God Only Knows for several months now.
    The writing, the character development, the art and, of course, Keima, were my main source of enjoyment each passing week (with the usual chapter of One Piece of course :p ).

    With the anime adaptation in the run, I decided to make an amv to celebrate the (crossed fingers) animated awesomeness which will soon be blessing the world.

    I needed a song to highlight all what makes TWGOK such a hit for me.
    Coincidently, the new OP of One Piece began to be aired around the same time the TWGOK's announcement was made.

    The lyrics were exactly what I was looking for, the rythm was epic and gorgeous, just as the manga sounded to me.
    Obviously, only the best song for the best shounen around was worthy enough of the Capturing God. :p

    So I made an amv.
    Or more exactly, a mmv, since I used manga material only.
    The best parts of TWGOK are still far away for the anime version, and I didn't want to wait probably a year to get what I needed.

    So, here it is.
    A short video full of spoilers, full of girls, and full of Kami, about love, life and character development, for all the fans out there.


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