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  • Member: Rider4Z
  • Studio: Otaku Lounge Productions
  • Title: Arsene of the Crime
  • Premiered: 2010-10-25
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    • Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal
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    Ikkicon V Winner - 3rd place Action
    Anime Milwaukee 2011 Finalist - Upbeat/Fun
    Zenkaicon 2011 Winner - Best Action
    Tekkoshocon IX Finalist - Action
    Anime Mid-Atlantic 2011 Finalist - Action
    Anime Expo 2011 Finalist - Action
    Another Anime Con 2011 Finalist - Action

    After being so serious with my last video i needed a break and cut loose. I randomly found The First Contact at Fry's browsing the anime section and i thought Episode 0 would be a great way to finally check out Lupin III. (sadly this is the only movie/episode i've ever seen -.-) but even before watching i decided on Smooth Criminal as a possible amv. so here it is after only 2 days work (including the ripping and prepping of footage). quite a switch from Crimson Rhapsody which took me
    almost a year.

    This is entirely a NO EFFECTS video. it was inspired by Nic Neidenbach/KagatoAMV and his vids Baccano Swing! and Building Steam. after studying these two i've realized that i rely waaayyy too much on crossfades to make my videos flow. so i purposefully made myself do without them this time. aside from the opening and closing fades only two in the entire vid belong to me, the rest are actual footage. rather challenging but a great learning experience.

    i probably could have done more to this video to make it all fancy-schmancy, but i didn't want to. i'm fully satisfied with its simplicity so i've decided to end it right here as is.

    special thanks go to stryyder for coming up with the title.

    Zenigata can haz HAMMBAAEEGAAHHHH!!!

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