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  • Member: nethernode
  • Studio: Undane Studios
  • Title: Fiends & Friends
  • Premiered: 2010-10-15
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    • Coal Chamber Fiend
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    Right, eh... This 'ere is my first-ever AMV, so there's not much of a concept or anything - just a mere three minutes or so of experimenting & getting-the-hang-of-things using crappy-but-easy-to-sync-to nu metal with some Hellsing on top.

    Actually--come to think of it--there might be a slight element of conceptual presence [Wait, hang on - SPOILER ALERT!! Hehe...]: vampire does some pistol-prep; viewer gets glimpse of enemies; vampire comes out to play; vampire shoots; people go crazy; enemies shoot; people go "wtf, he's not dying"; boss level; white light; unimpressed, de-faced lady-girl says a bad word. Kinda follows an old-school horror movie formula in some strange way.

    On the technical side of things, even though I learned quite a lot, there are still many aspects of editing that make me go "...what???", und I'm sure you'll find countless editing abominations in this video.

    Nevertheless, making this video was the most fun I've had in years [especially the gunshot-snare drum syncing]. It started out by watching a FLCL-System of a Down AMV and thinking: "Oi!, this looks like an advanced time-killing technique that could make those damn expensive Hellsing DVDs I bought last month serve more than just entertaining me for a few weeks." and turned out to be a rather pleasant minor conquest. I googled, I studied, I created... Und after all that I must say that I like the result.

    Hope you enjoy!

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