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  • Member: Vlad G Pohnert
  • Title: Legend of the King
  • Premiered: 2010-04-02
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    • Naomi Striemer Fall Behind
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  • Comments: In order to really get the full meaning of this video, you need to see Fate/Stay Night.

    This is essentially my tribute video to two characters I really like, that being Saber from Fate/Stay Night and the legendary King Arthur. What I find fascinating on Saber's character is who she really is and how it ties into the whole King Arthur Legend and hence the drive of this video.

    This was my first video I edited in 720p in both Premiere and After Effects as I wanted all the visual effects to be in HD even though the source material is in SD (720x480). The video took 2 months of work and unless you know Fate/Stay Night, you'll probably miss a lot of the digital effects and masking in the video. The end uses a 3D Model I have my friend Jeff Fink make for me based on specifications I wanted.

    The entire footage from Fate/ Stay Night is based on about a total of maybe 15 minutes so it was a challenge to make it work without showing present day times of which the series takes place. I wanted to basically give an alternative re-telling of the King Arthur legend from a different perspective. The model of the book at the end was to show the character going from the time when they lived to portrait and ultimately to legend as preserved in a book.

    In the end, I like how it all turned out...

    Sakura-Con 2010:
    - Judge's Award
    Kawaii Con 2010
    - Honorable Mention

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