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  • Members (6): Cenit, Falconone, JCD, JadeCharm, Lapskaus, Noss
  • Title: FACTION
  • Premiered: 2010-07-30
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  • Songs:
    • Far Too Loud You Know The Sound
    • Freestylers Jump 'N' Twist (Pendulum Remix)
    • New Tone Run
    • Prodigy Girls (Slim Line Remix)
    • Zarif California (Danny Byrd Remix)
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    Hello and welcome to the first "open" multi editor project at After 13 month, this project finally comes to an end with it's release on the org.

    FACTION stands for "full action" and is, like the name says, a pure action amv. The main theme for this project was physical confrontation, no matter if using bare hands, weapons or magic powers. Even thought, everyone in this project shows lots of talent when doing their own AMV's, working on a MEP has been new to most of us. Due to the editors being openminded on this, especially the collaboration style on some tracks just got possible.

    This project started not with a mix or a general concept but with a wish of the german AMV-community to do something together and due to that mainly got develped by them in the early stages. After basics where lined out between june and july, the project finally took of in late of august 2009. Problems came when there where more participants than tracks in the mix already within the first day what led to having 2 tracks with each 2 editors collaborating. The MEP was announced as ".de MEP 2010" in the german AMV forum and made a first small debut as "FACTION" in late july 2010 at ADVIK in prague in front of 15 people. The main debut happend to be 1,5 months later at the Connichi 2010 amv contest to a far more bigger audience and fortunately positive reactions.


    01 JadeCharm, Falconone
    02 Cenit
    03 Noss, Lapskaus
    04 JCD

    In conclusion a BIG BIG THANKS to these finest editors for participating in this project and specially for their active support to complete it within the given space of time. You did by far the main part in rising it's quality and i stand in your dept for this. Thanks for all of your endurance and time!

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