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  • Member: stupefying
  • Studio: StupefyinG StudioS
  • Title: Funny Little Frog
  • Premiered: 2010-09-24
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  • Song:
    • Belle and sebastian Funny Little Frog
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  • Comments: First time using Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 or any other video editing software other than windows movie maker. I hope it's at least acceptable, looking back at my other amvs I feel more ashamed @_@;
    This took me around 3 or 4 days to make, and considering I was actually testing out the editor more so than focusing on the music video as much as I should have I think it's the best I've made in my bunch of amvs so far... bah. I ripped the actual anime video for clips with avisynth and virtual-dub. Thanks to pismo file-mount and Avsp I was able to rip the video without actually having to waste any hard-drive space ;D aha. The file itself was huge and didn't playback in the editor right unless it was prerendered beforehand, only for previewing what editing I have done... it was a hassle. Plus prerendering usually took up to 3 hours each time I just wanted to preview the work I did. @_@; The editing was mainly done by me loading frame per frame. I like the song choice I chose for this because it pretty much sums up completely what's going on in the anime/episode one of it. The whole music video features only scenes from episode one after all. The song was Funny Little Frog by Belle and Sebastian (about him being in love with a girl who has no idea he is in love with her). Yeah? I think the quality is at it's best... for me, but even my computer can't play it at full capacity (32-bit/29.97fp/94.6mb) but I don't have the greatest computer either. The dimensions: 720x480. Please enjoy, rate, review, all support IS DEFINITELY needed for me to get this amv business more improved, haha. Thanks for watching! ;D

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