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  • Member: Cross/fade
  • Studio: AMP
  • Title: Saddami Light
  • Premiered: 2010-09-20
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    • Michael McDonald Eyes of a Child
    • south park I can change
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  • Comments: I failed my exam. For the first time since I entered collage 4 years ago. Oh well, that's how the life goes. I wanted to make this my entry for Anime Banzai AMV Contest ... but oh well, that's how the life goes. Not this year.

    6 months have passed since I released my All Hell Lelouch AMV where I used a South Park Movie song as well. Since that day I had tons of idea regarding other songs from that movie. Finally, I was able to finish one of them.

    I think Light makes a pretty good Saddam Hussein and L - Satan (at least voice-wise). But we know better than Light can't change. L had to learn that the hard way.
    Of course the lipsync was the thing that took the most time. Throughout the whole series Light doesn't make that many expressions so I couldn't be picky with scenes but I'm still happy with the result.

    Saddami Light as a title is a result of Kosmit's great mind lol. He twisted Saddam Hussein with Yagami Light for Saddami Light.

    Some people say that Im a bad guy
    They may be right, they may be right
    But its not as if I dont try
    I just fuck up, try as I might

    But I can change, I can change
    I can learn to keep my promises I swear it
    Ill open up my heart, and I will share it
    Any minute now I will be born again
    Yes, I can change, I can change
    I know that Ive been a dirty little bastard
    I like to kill, I like to maim, It sounds insane
    But its okay cuz I can change

    See it not my fault that Im so evil
    Its society, society
    You see my parents were sometimes abusive
    And it made, a prick of me

    But I can change I can change
    Satan:What if you remain a sandy little butthole?
    Suddam: Hey Satan
    Dont be such a twit Mother Theresa wont have shit on me
    Just watch, just watch me change
    Here I go Im changing

    Hey, hey, hey, hey
    Hey, hey, hey, hey

    (Whistling the tune)

    Hey Satan

    Of course if someone doesn't know what am I talking about - Saddam, Yagami Light, South Park WTF?! - just check out youtube for the original material :3.

    Special thanks goes to:

    A forum TOPIC for everyone who feels like writing something about this AMV.

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