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  • Member: Dit0
  • Title: After Death - Revenge
  • Premiered: 2010-09-16
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    • The Prodigy Warrior's Dance
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    This AMV is a story-based action video that centers around Makina. She revives as a Shikabane (someone in a dead body with the intention to kill other Shikabanes in order to revive) and remembers her terrible past where her family were entirely killed by those seven people (I guess they have a special name, but I kind of forgot, sry). However, Makina seeks revenge and search for clues to trace them. In the meantime she kills some other random Shikabanes to get infos about those group. After finding them, she defeats them one by one. Afterwards, she faces Hakuto, (the white-haired girl, which seems to be somewhat insane) goes through a hard batte and beats her to death. Now Makina can get rid of her cruel past by destroying a special artifact in which the symbol of those group is engraved.

    Well, this is actually the same thing that happens in the Anime, so not something I made up myself. The lyrics doesn't fit to the video, so I guess it is not neccessary to post it here. It might be hard to catch the story if you haven't watched the Anime.

    The video was made for Connichi 2010. It doesn't won, but I gained at least some experience.

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