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  • Member: Lapskaus
  • Title: Horse Apple
  • Premiered: 2010-09-11
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  • Song:
    • Alstroemeria Records Bad Apple!! (Graph Tech Remix)
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    Oh hi, I pressed some buttans and moved my mouse around for several thousand hours and then I had an AMV.

    This one was made for the exclusive AMV contest at the Connichi 2010 (a german convention). Actually I wanted to do a totally different AMV for this contest but after hearing the Graph Tech Remix of Bad Apple!! and thinking "Why aren't there any Touhou AMVs?" the whole thing started.

    After getting about 35 minutes of footage (mostly the fan-made anime episode) and encoding it into lossless files there was no turning back anymore. As soon as I started editing I gave up on the idea of winning anything with this piece of crap. The song was just too strange to be liked by the usual animu fan. Boy was I wrong! I almost fell out of my chair when Celes said something like: "We already had Touhou music this evening (that was JCDs 'We will never fighter alone') but now we have a video that uses Touhou music AND footage. The award for 'Weirdest Shit' goes to Lapskaus!"

    And just like that I was 4th place of the Connichi 2010 Exclusive AMV Contest. An unbelieveable feeling to see your AMV on a huge ass cinema screen together with 1000 people and hearing their laughing and 'WTFing'.

    Thanks a lot to everyone at AMVde, especially to Noss, Falconone and Perdita for betatesting and giving me advice!

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