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  • Member: Kamih
  • Studio: Crescent Wings Studios
  • Title: Hot ISSUE Fantasy Vs. 4Minute
  • Premiered: 2010-09-10
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    • 4Minute Hot Issue
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    x3 .. well first of all i just love Korean Music and especially 4Minute ... i edited with it .. and WOW i was wondering why neither the artist is in the Org category nor the song ... i don't know now if i was suppoesd to add them ... but well ^^;

    don't mind the banner .. i didn't had that much time to make a real badass banner :3 ... also in the Video are parts of the MusicVideo itself ++ Dead Fantasy Dance clips by montyoum@YouTube :3

    ---To the video---
    i had a concept ... but i think i lost it somewhere near the ending ... nvm me xD .. but i think it's good that's only me and edting x3 ... it's a change :3 .. also this is my last video for a while ... school will be a pain but i have to go :/

    Programs: Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 [MAINLY] , Adobe After Effects CS4 [Shatter Effect at 1:21 :D]and Adobe Photoshop CS4 [Credits :3]


    [note: i would recommend it to watch it in 720p HD cause it seems the 480pHQ is very pixely :/ ... sorry for that but at least you can see the differnce ;D]

    i really would love it if you share this video x3 .. i worked very hard on it ... and well not to lose the overview at 70 layers .. is i think .. really good :D

    Constructive Critsm and Advices are every time welcome :3

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