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  • Member: Bauzi
  • Studio: [LGS] Lazy Generation Studios
  • Title: Ghost Runner - The Final Cut
  • Premiered: 2010-08-31
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    • Blade Runner The Final Cut Trailer
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    AniNite AMV Contest - Best Of Pro

    This video is meant to be watched in 1080p. I recommend you the 1080p version and a 1080p monitor + 2 Ghz Dual Core CPU (at least) to watch it. That doesn't mean that the 720p version is pretty much fine though.


    This is a trailer based on Blade Runner and the Ghost In The shell movies. Man... I love Blade Runner! It inspired so many movies and a whole genre. One day I went shopping and came across the 5 Disc Ultimate Steelbook Edition of Blade Runner, including all version... I just had to buy. When I watched it the same day, I realized how much Ghost In The Shell and especially Ghost In The Shell 2 must have been inspired by this masterpiece. In my opinion if there got to be a crossover with an anime and Blade Runner, it got to be with Ghost In The Shell! So this is a tribute in form of a trailer to the glory of Blade Runner. I was able to show similiarities and to create an alternate storyline for GITS.


    Yes this video is meant to be in full HD... This started more or less as a test for my editing rig. It was a test if I could pull of a video with lots of edits in full HD. It worked! However I have to say that it isn't that easy and there is quite a lot of effort in it for pulling it off. You will have to know how to work efficient and the do's and dont's of codecs.

    Anyway: This is meant to be watched in 1080p. The 720p is only an escape for all those who can't watch the full quality version. The anime is probably not always made in HD. I think GITS 2 got upscaled, but GITS 2.0 probably was made in 1080p, but I don't know for sure. So why is this video in 1080p not unnecessary and a gimmik in my opinion?

    Because of the fx! I played a lot with colours, light and grain & noise. These grain & noise constructs give the images depth and details. For me it looks awesome because of it in HD.

    Encoding was a bitch this time. I wanted to preserve as many noise details as possible. I ended up with haveing files beyond 500MB that I wasn't even able to play with my rig. After tinkering with some settings of the x264 I have to say that I'm quite pleased and... I can play it fluently! YAYZ =D

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