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  • Member: SS5_Majin_Bebi
  • Studio: Insanity Cheese Productions
  • Title: Evangelion - Bring Me To Life
  • Premiered: 2003-05-01
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    • Evanescence Bring Me To Life
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  • Comments: I heard the song and I thought instantly "Thats a Neon Genesis Evangelion AMV right there". So I sat down and worked, and worked, and worked some more, and after about 40 hours, came up with the first version of the video.

    But then I found out that the ending of my video and the ending of Abaddons "In The End Of Evangelion" were almost identical. So I changed the end of my video (grrr....) to avoid any confusions and accusations. I think the new version works well though. The title card says it was made by me, presented by Insanity Cheese Productions, which is my (yet to be created) "studio" of sorts.

    Anyway, enjoy the video, and feel free to give me any opinions.

    Seeing as the info isnt coming up in the boxes I'll put it here: This video runs for about 4 minutes and was compressed using DivX 5.02.

    N.B.: Shinji and Rei are not having sex in the sea of LCL. Everyone who doesnt know much about Eva seems to think that they are but they're not. It's just imagery used to visually describe a world with no borders, boundaries, or limits, where there are no individuals. Their minds are speaking with each other, considering their bodies no longer exist in any recognizable form.

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