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  • Member: FarmXD
  • Studio: Farm Studios
  • Title: Divine
  • Premiered: 2010-09-05
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  • Song:
    • Megaherz Göttlich
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  • Comments: Soup asked me to upload it's done.
    Soup give me cookies xd

    I always wanted to edit this specific AMV. The concept
    is Asuka's dream, influenced by the music that Shinji is
    listening in his room with his portable stereo at full volume.
    Asuka is dreaming how kickass is she but the dream changes
    into the worst nightmare for her. Shinji proclaims to be the
    main character of the video and.....


    Some kickass Quick Comments:

    2010-09-12: nicely edited,interesting mix of old and new footage plus fanarts - 5/5 Full Metal Sempai

    2010-09-12: That was an awesome Asuka video. I regret my "german" is rusty so I only wish I could have recognized the text at least. Still an exquisite tribute to one of my favorite red heads.

    2010-09-12: Today, and airplane flew into me on with fast squeegee underpants.[AWSM QC]

    2010-09-11: agree. Asuka IS more kickass than baka Shinji, am I right? I mean, even as the world is ending, Shinji deals with it by whining and trying to "reason" with the angels, but no, not Asuka. She is completely defeated and then gets right back out there and KILLS EVERYTHING. That-a girl. That's what we like to see. Oh yeah, and great video, too. ;p

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