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  • Member: Kenka_Wolf
  • Studio: [LGS] Lazy Generation Studios
  • Title: How to go
  • Premiered: 2010-08-28
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    • die šrzte Wie es geht
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  • Comments: OK. Here we go. It took me a long time to be back in action, but here I am! This is my all new AMV - made for the AMV Contest at this years Aninite!
    I started in october 2009 and planned to finish it in march 2010 so that I still can do my cosplay, fanart, yonkoma and photo-stuff until august - hšhš - NOPE. Computer crashed, I had to move, pet died, family went crazy, friends went crazy, pet died again and so on and so on. Fact: I finished just in time. (Cosplay was finished 2 hours before th con started!) - This year was terrible but the best ever. XD I got rid of all the stuff that tied me down and now I'm full of energy again (and have a new pet).

    I'm not really satisfied with the AMV. There is much that could have been better (most of the things went the wrong way bacause my computer couldn't handle the file anymore) but still it's OK..I think. o_O I hope so. XD

    I really put much effort into this - even if the editing is poor (my programm didn't give me a preview anymore after about two minutes XD) I tried very hard to find good scenes that match the text. It does not look like much work in the end, but in average every second scene went through photoshop because of lipsync that shoulden't be there or people standing in the background (especially those freakin twins). Someone once told me "the best work you can do is when it looks like it was easy in the end but wasn't". Like always I did the best I could and hope you have your fun!

    About understanding this AMV:

    For those who are not capable of japanese language: Sometimes kanji/katakana will appear in a frame just like they do in the anime. The first two times they mean "Tamakis inner mind theater" which means that the scenes shown are imagined by Tamaki. At the very end the text appears again (first kanji missing - instead we have some katakana) - this time it means "Haruhis inner mind theater" - means that those scenes take place in Haruhis head this time.

    For those who are not capable of german language: The basic idea behind the song is that a guy wants to tell a girl that he loves her but yeah. He's a guy, she's a girl - stuff like this never is easy. You should be able to follow the story without the full lyrics but since I've put so much effort into finding some matching scenes (that make fun of Tamaki : D) please invest a minute or two and read the translation of the song if you feel like "I wanna know what the artist wants to tell me".


    I look at you and youíre beauty cannot be described.
    I could sit here for ever just looking at you.
    But suddenly you stand up and want to leave.
    Please donít go.
    I know that itís late.
    I still want to tell you something but I just donít know how to go.
    Stay for a little bit longer and donít give me that look, because Iíll be unable to say a word.
    I donít know whatís going on myself, I go weak at the knees.
    It looks so easy at the movies but now Iím as white as chalk.
    I donít know what to say Ė my god Ė youíre leaving.
    Please donít go.
    Stay for a little bit longer.
    I still want to tell you something but the words donít come.
    Please donít go.
    I know that itís late.
    I still want to tell you something but I just donít know how to go.
    How to go
    How to go
    How to go
    How to go
    How to go
    I always thought this would be easy.
    I alway thought this can be no problem.
    Now Iím sitting here like a rabbit in front of the sneak and I feel like paralysed.
    I have to say it, I just donít know how.
    I have to tell you now or never.
    Please donít go.
    At best you never leave.
    Iíve told you so many times Ė in my fantasy.
    Stay for a little bit longer.
    Please donít go.
    What I try to tell you'll is ďI love youĒ.
    I donít know how to go.
    How to go
    How to go


    Please enjoy!

    And again THANK YOU SO MUCH - visitors of the AMV-contest! You gave me the VCA of the Pro-Section at the Contest - that's the most super special awesome thing ever! I'll give my best again next time!

    Oh GOD! EDIT: Please! I'm NOT making yaoi-stuff here! (Some people asked me about how it came that I started watching yaoi.) The one with the short brown hair is a GIRL - in case that you do not know the Anime! Please don't tell people that I'm making yaoi-AMVs! A reputation built in a lifetime can be gone in seconds! Please be nice to poor Kenka!

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