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  • Member: Full Metal Sempai
  • Title: Jill's nightmare
  • Premiered: 2010-09-01
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    • Sentenced Excuse Me While I Kill Myself
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  • Comments: I'm not dead yet...

    That's my first video game music video.Footage obtained through fraps and edited solely with Vegas 8.Resident Evil 3,despite its age,is my favorite video game and I have spent countless hours on youtube watching vids made to it and to other RE games.So it was only natural for me to try to make one.But not based only on game videos and trailers like the majority of youtube videos.

    That's why I replayed the game,ripped the video scenes and some cool fighting scenes and here it is.A tribute to one of the best survival horror video games.I should have done it better though...

    Anyway,some rules for this video:

    1) Don't watch it in full screen unless you don't care about the quality. It's in 640x480 resolution,which is a pain to the eyes of everyone who has become accustomed to watching everything in 720p or 1080p...

    2) Don't take it too seriously,especially the ending.Jill is my favorite video game character and she doesn't deserve what I give to her in the end of the vid.Still,Nemesis is also one hell of a villain... XD

    3) Don't go crazy on me for using different resolutions (the CG scenes,the normal video scenes,the playing scenes - you'll realise what I'm talking about when watching the vid) all in one vid.Yeah,first of all,I was bored and secondly,I didn't want to crop the upper and lower parts of the playing scenes...

    All scenes were ripped from playing the game during a weekend in June.That should be the 5th or 6th time I finish this game and it's still so damn exciting.Yet,you'll realize that I played it quite crappily,since most time my health would de in caution.I could play it some more to get more footage but well,you know me....getting bored very quickly XD XD

    Thanks for watching and comments!!

    ~~~~Long live Jill and Resident Evil~~~~

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