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  • Member: Arczi
  • Studio: Amv Samurai Production
  • Title: Matrix Inception Trailer
  • Premiered: 2010-08-23
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    • inception trailer 3 Inception Trailer 3
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  • Comments: Hello
    I love amv trailers, both as a spectator and their creator. That is why, whenever I get an idea for one, I drop every other projects, in order to create a trailer during a week or two. And this is how the Matrix Inception Trailer was made.

    I know, there are a lot of Inception amv trailers, but I still wanted to make it. And so I did. The Animatrix footage, and the Inception trailer have a lot of common ideas. If you imagine that every time characters going into the matrix are sleeping, almost like dreaming, you can think that they are like in the Inception movie - dreaming, creating worlds etc.. That was the idea. To make the viewer believe, that this fits pretty well.

    I also tried something different. I didn't want to make a main character of the movie. So there is no lip synch or focusing on any specific character. That's why I put a very no-name guy in the most important sequence "That's why I have to steal it". So you can say it's more like an action amv, than a trailer amv. Or combination of those two.

    I hope you will like it. I as the creator am pretty pleased from the final version. This was very refreshing and editing it was great. It took me about a week to make it. Hope you'll like it.

    Also big thx to -Heero- for - as always - helping me in translation this comment.

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