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  • Member: ErMaC
  • Studio: ErMaC Studios
  • Title: Soul of an Angel
  • Premiered: 2001-07-06
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  • Song:
    • The Space Brothers Shine
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    This is actually the second version of this video ever made. The first was done back in December with my old equipment and poorer source footage. Two weeks before the AX deadline I redid the entire video from SCRATCH, new source footage, new editing, new hardware, the works.

    This video is undoubtedly my best so far, and I'm glad it won something at Anime Expo! Thanks to everyone who cheered for it!


    I didn't make this video like a conventional music video - it's the most radically different thing I had ever done. First I was trying to tell a story (although wrought with Irony, which people laughed at, and was there intentionally to show contrast), but more the focus of the video was to create something visually enthralling. The video is very hypnotic and I meant it to be.

    The repeated footage, while some may frown upon it, is there for a REASON. The AMV is not your ordinary AMV - I was trying to do something different. Instead I created a visual component to fit with the music, and since the song IS an electronic piece, after all, it contains a lot of looping. Therefore, there were 4 basic components of the video:
    1) The white fade that accompanied the buildup sound.
    2) The images to match the lyrics (and especially the 4 main images which matched with the 4 lines of the refrain)
    3) The baseline track (the very fast-cutting stills which appear near the beginning)
    4) The melody images (a series of 96 stills which were timed to the main melody of the piece used in the refrain)

    I can understand some people's dislike of the video, but try and look at it a little differently than the normal AMV because I was trying to do something different. I KNOW the footage repeats - it's SUPPOSED to.

    If you still don't like it, well I'm sorry but I love the video, everyone I talked to in person said it was an incredible video, and apparently the audience at AX liked it.

    Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, and if you don't think it's a good video then that's your own perogative. All I ask is that you look at it from a different perspective than your normal AMV and give it the chance it deserves.

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