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  • Member: LopezAMV
  • Title: Broken
  • Premiered: 2010-07-10
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    • Lifehouse Broken
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    Not the most original AMV out there, but I felt the urge to make it so here it is.There isn't much about this video that will set it apart or make it stand out, but it's my interpretation of what 5cm is all about. Not expecting much from this post but if even a few people like it then it will all be worth it.
    The story should be self-evident and I'm pretty sure most of you have seen the movie so there's no need to outline the theme or anything else for that matter. I finished this on the 10th of July and I'm just now getting around to uploading it, again it's not really original since I'm pretty sure someone has already made an AMV using this song and anime...but I believe that people should make what they want to make regardless of trivial matters such as "who used what song/anime first". So with that said I'll stop rambling on and let the people decide whether it's good or not.
    Let me know what you think, hopefully you'll like it :)

    Edit: I'll provide two separate versions, an h264 mp4 compressed version (768x432). And an Xvid AVI version (848x480). Doesn't matter which you choose to download, both are decent, but the h264 should be more than enough for personal playback in my opinion.

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