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  • Member: Arczi
  • Studio: Amv Samurai Production
  • Title: Fish'n'Chips
  • Premiered: 2010-08-05
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  • Songs:
    • Scooter Fire
    • Scooter How Much is the Fish?
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    What is Fish’n’ Chips? A random compilation of scenes from openings and endings from various anime. Simple? You might ask, why making such project?

    After finishing the biggest Polish MEP, I had to take a break from amv editing. Unfortunately, this break turned out to be a little bit too long, which caused a difficulty concerning my comeback. Firstly, I couldn’t make my mind and choose one of the various ideas that I have. Secondly, finding a reason for even starting to make such idea real. In the end, every idea I had seemed to difficult, too risky (minor chance I would succeed). I started one project, and two days later I worked on a different one, and yet another two days from that. I had to find an idea that would involve me completely. And thus, I decided to make a kind of an experiment. I began by picking up scenes from openings and endings, I didn’t have any music picked at that time, and still I chose scenes. It may sound irrational, stupid, insane. I picked many random scenes only to have enough working material.

    After deciding on the scenes, I began thinking about music. First I had 40 songs from various music kinds and themes. Then I picked 21 I liked best out of them, then 15, then 4, and then I finally began to work. I decided to use Scooter, or rather two Scooters, because after editing 30 seconds I felt a need to try working with one more song, also Scooter’s. You will get to see both parts, as the second less fortunate project was used in the credits. What was the point of this little experiment? First of all, I wanted to see how will it go with material, which includes great scenes and shots – typical for openings and endings. Secondly – I wanted to see what kind of blend will come up from a 100% random shots. Thirdly – I wanted to see how dynamic my editing will be. I was never good at that, hence the curiosity. Fourthly, and most importantly – I wanted this work to be enjoyable, and its main aim was to refresh my skills and allow me for a true comeback to amv editing. Did it help ? We will see in time.

    I personally think that this clip is very unusual and many people just won’t like it. For me, as its creator, is surprisingly enjoyable. What do YOU think ?

    P.S. While I was working on that project, a certain important thing happened, namely I got married to the most wonderful woman on Earth.

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