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  • Member: DaikashiSan
  • Studio: Pulverize Productions
  • Title: Apocalyptic Dilemma
  • Premiered: 2010-08-05
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    • T.A.T.u. + Rammstein Odno I To Zhe (Long Repeat Mix)
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    This poster was made by LopezAMV!

    About the video:
    This AMV was fun to make, sure it has a lot of mistakes (in my eyes) but it was made completely in the spur of the moment, nothing was planned until I had completed the video and then while playing it back I perceived some sort of story for the video. It took a while to release because I couldn't work on it due to a few distractions and school but alas it is done.

    This video was done as a tribute to what probably was one of the first videos that really inspired me to get into playing with an editing program and getting my feet wet in the world of anime, or to be more precise, the classic anime. On YouTube if you type into the search: End of Evangelion Rammstein t.A.T.u you should find the video I am speaking of. To me it is a classic, it has subtitles and the quality isn't top-notch but I love it nonetheless.

    To the original creator (Saitho) thank you!

    Shinji is a curious kid, but still pretty caring. He begins the story checking on his friend Asuka. Feeling she's nearly dead, his world begins to crumble. The scenes in which you see the crazy overlays emphasize his mind and the evils running through it. Asuka is alright, but he begins to experience older memories of the team leader: Misato. He remembers her at one point making a decision to seperate herself from Shinji because of a situation in which only one of them would be able to get out alive. Shinji feels alone at this point and we go into the first clip of the actual storyline - when he's sitting in the Evangelion and is screaming and thus begins his actions as a lunatic. As the story progresses, we see a bit of the past that Asuka had and that Shinji had, remembering that further pushes him into a zone of no return. At this point he believes he's completely alone. Asuka is actually fighting and seems okay, but after she is killed he completely goes insane, and the whole world is out for suffering. He continues to remember his past and memories of how Asuka treated him arise. Finally he decides to go back on the friendship by accepting the help of the third and last woman in his life, Rei. He takes her hand and with her help completely renders the world lifeless.

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