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  • Members: Kazemon15, AllyKatAVR, Hagaren Viper, moezy-chan
  • Studio: Kazemon Studios
  • Title: We Are The Real!
  • Premiered: 2010-08-02
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  • Song:
    • Nevertheless The Real
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Realized about a week ago, that the Digimon Memorial was coming up, and wanted to make an amv for it, but I knew I wouldn't be finished in time, before the 3 day memorial was up. Asked my friend Kaze if she wanted to do a collab with me and she agreed. We needed a song, so she asked her friend Hagaren for one. Once he realized that we were doing it for Digimon, he insisted on joining us XD We originally intended to to split the children in half, Kaze gets 4, and I get 4, but once Hagaren decided on joining, we needed one more member, so we would each get 2 children, so Kaze asked her friend Ally if she'd join us as well. So, now for the legistics of the MEP XD

    Part 1: 0 - 0:51
    User: Allykatavr
    Characters: Sora, Mimi

    Part 2: 0:51 - 1:42
    User: Kazemon15
    Characters: Jyou (Joe) , Taichi (Tai)

    Part 3: 1:42 - 2:33
    User: moezychan
    Characters: Takeru (TK) , Hikari (Kari)

    Part 4: 2:33 - 3:25 (end) & Credits
    User: HagarenViper
    Characters: Yamato (Matt) , Koushiro (Izzy)

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