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  • Member: Jaina
  • Studio: Vootie Studios
  • Title: Hallelujah
  • Premiered: 2003-05-20
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  • Song:
    • Rufus Wainright Hallelujah
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  • Comments: Winner 2003 Anime North AMV contest - Momiji no Video (Judge's Choice)
    Winner 2004 Ohayocon AMV contest - Drama and Best in Show

    ***UPDATE*** Apologies for the length to which I spread out "will link tomorrow." Tomorrow equals a month, apparently. Anyways. Download away, yo.

    This video contains spoilers. Massive, honkin' spoilers. So be warned.

    This was my first AMV, but I don't think it's too bad for a first try. I wanted this piece to be about reflection. They say that as death nears, your life passes by. What would Wolfwood see? A complicated and extremely interesting character, Nicholas D. Wolfwood no doubt has things to be proud of and many things to be ashamed of. My goal for this video was to show Wolfwood remembering all the things he has done, the people who touched his life, for good or for ill, and making his peace as best he could before death arrived. I suppose it's up to you to decide how well this was accomplished. I hope you enjoy it, and I warmly welcome any comments you choose to leave.

    It should be noted here that my friend Valerie had a major hand in deciding the `story' of the video and where certain moments should go, and thus, it is a Sisters of Kickass production (inside joke) under the banner of Vootie Studios, which holds a whole one video at this time. ^_^

    Also, I freely admit that one of the things that made me decide to make this video was the line "remember when I moved in you/the holy dark was moving too". Because Wolfwood is a priest, and kindasorta holy, and he and Milly...oh hell. I'm 12.

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