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  • Member: ThatBakedPotato
  • Studio: [ Ground Zero ]
  • Title: Sanctuary
  • Premiered: 2010-07-31
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    • Keane Somewhere Only we Know
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  • Comments: Please watch on YT in 480p if you're too lazy to download. o:

    This AMV was played in NDK's AMV Overload WOOP 8DD

    I was watching He's Just Not That Into You on my TV, because holy hell that movie is awesome, and this song came on. I really enjoy songs like this one; aka ones that have a really big impact on my emotions (no, I am not going emo) and also have pretty vocals. I listened closely and thought that this was an amazing song for Kanon and decided to edit. c:
    While I was editing I decided to experiment more than I usually do. I've never done zooms this...deep? xD I dunno if that's the correct word. There's also a part in the Makoto bit that I thought was fun to try, which was towards the end of the song (editing usually gets tedious for me after halfway through).

    On the day I finished, I was watching He's Just Not That Into you again, but with Ruby and Korneh. I decided I should dedicate this to them because talking to them on msn is like my sanctuary in a sense. D: We've been there for each other so much, and I finally had a video over 3 minutes to express my happiness about us being such close friends. Relationship issues, crying, pricks, etc. We've been through a lot. And I'm glad that we'll always be there for each other when these things happen again. I love them both so much.

    Thank you Ruby, Korneh, Angel, and Erin for beta testing, Catty for helping me figure out how to get my DVD Footage into workable files and beta testing, and Alexo for helping me with VirtualDub and AviSynth and for telling me to increase the contrast on my shit banner. >> Also thanks to Charlie to listening to the song LOL

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