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  • Member: Enigma
  • Studio: NV-Studios
  • Title: Whisper
  • Premiered: 2010-08-01
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  • Songs:
    • Gackt Redemption
    • Gurren Lagann Rap is the Soul of a Man...... I think... it was...
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    Originally started when listening to the Final Fantasy Dirge Of Cerberus OST and found this song playing.While looking on which source to use found Sword Of The Stranger which worked in my mind for some reason(as usual O:).Video centers about the two main characters for the most part following the basic story of the source, Nothing new or original.But who cares.

    Editing took a little longer than expected, My own little grudge on it would be a little after the first chorus, But i'll be a sneaky bastard and just blame how the song went.

    Special Thanks
    Insert Forgotten Beta Tester Here

    All of the video was edited in Sony Vegas O:

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