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  • Member: You choose Sam,the rest
  • Title: Inception
  • Premiered: 2010-07-20
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    • Warner Bros. Pictures Inception Theatrical Trailer
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  • Comments: So here’s a somewhat simple and fitting video combo, a movie about putting ideas in dreams with an anime about dreams.

    The idea started after watching the Inception movie and liking it quite a bit, I sought out to see if there were any other anime trailers done to the movie already. While a few already existed and even with the same anime, I was often disappointed at the execution in the editing.

    Afterwards, it was as simple as getting a copy of Paprika and watching it and hoping the footage will work. While a large portion of the movie simply did not mesh well I hoped with editing I could make it fit and in the end, I think it worked out very well.

    Feel free to leave a comment or opinion!

    Special thanks to SQ and Warped for beta testing.

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